Is Black Dye available for creation?

I found some black dye today. Is it available in the game somewhere? I don’t see how you can craft that particular dye. Any help would be appreciated.

you have to get special t4 alchemist that gives you white/black dyes

maybe those from purge?

just like special t4 blacksmith can gives you legendary repair kit


where is the t4 alchemist - what’s his name so I can go knock him out? :smile:

I haven’t seen him in official yet, but in Admin Panel in Single player, the name starts with ‘A’ you will easily find him.

dang I’m on a live pvp private server.

then you can seek for the t4 alchemist after 4 days since even private servers need to wipe their old data in order to run new patch smoothly :slight_smile:

I would assume this same t4 alchemist does the white dyes? Thanks for the answer, I was curious as to why it was in the admin panel, but had no recipe for crafting it.

Private servers do not need to wipe their data. It is recommended but not required.

Correct, they do not “need” to, but the devs have stated it would be preferable so that old bugs do not resurface. Currently, the old gas orbs do not work, however, the new ones do and they are on the same servers together. I’m sure there will be a few other fixes that may not carry over either. I know the server I’m on currently is definitely planning on a wipe.

I have never done black dyes but you can do dark grey or midnight blue as they both are dark enough to make a passable black. T4 alchemist is at the ward towers btw.

Yeah we’re debating wiping. We put a lot of time into our stuff and may lose some people if we total wipe but there are some good ideas being thrown around to help if we have to go that route.

Those t4 alchemist from NPC camp don’t give you the white/black dye recipes

Only those who are not from NPC camp give you that