Release the white dye!

I’ve been playing since release and have only managed to get the legendary blacksmith. The purge never works properly and is unreliable. Since black dye is in the volcano. Can we get white dye in a new dungeon or make the frost giants drop it? Please consider it.


There is a purge guide on the wiki just got my first purge alchemist and loving the black and white dye. Never had a purge problem and I play on official.


Lucky server I’m on didn’t even have purge for months. And it was official. Now I had a couple purges. All was in volcano and didnt spawn. Now the purge bar is filled on both official servers I play on. The purge won’t activate.

Where did you build your base? I want to know im going to build there xD im getting purge but alchemist dont spawn on me

Really? Didnt know about that, where?

Kill npc there they drop black dye

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Oh I see, this must be new, haven’t been there lately, thanks man.

Very low drop rate :hugs:

That explains, usually I dont hang around there for long :stuck_out_tongue:

Download the “Dye More Betterer” mod. It has white dye.

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Used it, liked it, but it does nothing to help the folks playing on Official servers.

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Got our purge alchemist by Sep city

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Congrats! Which purge type was it?

I believe it was the relic hunters. That purge got my clan a blacksmith, alchemist, and 2 carpenters

This last purge we got 3 fighters and an armorer

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Btw whats the fastest way to increase the meter it takes me 5 -6 days to fill it upto the line

You could try to alter your gameplay to perform each of the actions with an associated “cost” once every 15 minutes:

Each person in a clan can trigger completion of these goals once every Timer Tick (15 mins on Officials). This means 5 people each placing a single T1 building piece would yield 1000 pts, whereas one person placing five T1 building pieces would yield only 200 pts.

Be aware though that the purge meter will slowly deplete while you’re offline. IME it takes a solo player 2-3 hours of normal gameplay (i.e. not specifically grinding purge meter tasks) to counteract that drain.


My purge bar is full on two servers. Purge won’t activate. It states it does in the event log. But never happens and the purge meter doesn’t start over.

What is a timer tick?

Never mind I must of skipped that. Thanks for the helpful info

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