Dyes and other purge drops optional ways to get

well first of all the purge is an opional thing, some servers have it deactivated and the way to get things like white/black dye and legendairy repair kits is like imposible to get then.

so i would like an alternative way to make those things. like only can make legendairy repair kits and black dye in the lava forge. and white dye in the frost forge. the crafting ingredients can even be made more expensif so you still want to go for the purge tralls if the server allows purges.


Yes to getting white, black dyes and legendary repairs some way other than via a purge-specific thrall which only has a chance of spawning in specific zones … even IF they ever manage to fix the purge system (over six months now since our clan has had a purge despite being actively playing several days a week for a few hours at a time) … the possibility of getting those thralls is non-existent if you don’t have a base in particular areas.

I’m with Shadoza on that point … dedicated forges in a set location is not appealing.

Learning the recipe from inside a dungeon = yes.

Having to visit a set place and craft an item on forge / alter /whatever ONCE to learn the feat permanently = yes

Having to kill certain creatures to get items to craft recipes = yes …essentially forcing you to return to those areas multiple times to craft things … but we have to do that in this game anyways.

@pbcop82 put forward a suggestion that the legendary repair kits be added to dungeon boss loot tables to encourage people to go to them more frequently = yes …especially if on many bosses so you can pick one you enjoy fighting.
Or another player suggested into the loot possibilities of the world boss chests = though that locks out pre-lvl 60 from getting if they don’t have someone they trust who can open them for them.


I like this idea… I think. Getting a Purge Alchemist & Blacksmith is one of my few remaining goals in the game, I’m not sure if having the option to craft it elsewhere would be better or worse. To the best of my knowledge, no-one on my server has one of those, so the only source of white dye / legendary repair kits was what we got in the Halloween event - while Black dye drops occasionally from the Volcano NPCs (quite rare, of course, but at least it’s available).

I mean the fixed-location obsidian forge is a pain to use, but… I actually like that not everything is available all the time. This could perhaps be a reasonable alternative.

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like this idea as well:

  1. White Dye — Frost Temple Forge, 5 frost lotus powder, 1 light dye flask.
  2. Black Dye — Volcano Forge, 5 black lotus powder, 1 dark dye flask.
  3. Legendary Repair Kit — Volcano Forge, and change from 3 master kits to 1 master kit and 5 obsidain bars.

Good? Pre-lvl 60 people shouldn’t be able to repair legendary items without someone’s help, in my opinion. It adds more reward to reaching max level and in story/lore would make sense that only the most tried and true warriors know how to repair weapons of legend.


I agree there should be an alternative way to get white and black dyes and legendary repair kits maybe they can be integrated as recipes in the next 2 dungeons being made for the game as a reward if so the dungeons should be challenging that only high leveled 60 players would have a chance of getting these hard to get recipes


I have acquired Sayd Secretkeeper, my first lvl 4 Alchemist and just recently finished breaking him. However, when I placed him on the Improved Firebowl Cauldron, the black and white dye recipes didnt appear. I do have dye unlocked in Feats of course. Is there something Im missing here!? Im assuming they would appear on the top row with with the orbs?

Yep, I’m afraid so. Specifically you’re missing that only Purge alchemists have the Black and White dyes. Sayd isn’t a Purge alchemist, he’s just T4 (and fairly easy to acquire now that he has started spawning again).

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As @Mikey stated, purge alchemist are the only ones to make black/white dye.
Syad on PVP servers is

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Ahh…that explains it. I knew well about purge Blacksmiths and their unique ability to create legenday repair kits. I was fortunate enough to acquire Rahk Irontooth during a Dafari purge a while back. Although he spawned naked and remained that way after he was broken on the wheel of pain. So he remains in a chest until called upon. However I didnt realise that b&w dye recipes were unique to purge Alchemists too. Well at least this provides me with something else to do. Thankyou both. Just for the the records sake too…

I have been extremely fortunate, and have found several white dyes as rare loot in the game. Although believe me not many. Because my interest in dyes has only emerged fairly recently, I didnt pay it too much heed as to where and when I found them, just tossed them straight into a random loot chest at home. However, I could have sworn that I acquired at least one or two of them on forays into the Midnight Grove if that helps.

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Are you sure those weren’t the light colorant? Looks white but it ain’t.

No positive Mikey. Maybe its drop rate, or lack of, could be related to mode of play!? Not sure. Different things I know, but the purge has worked for me the entire time I have played the game. Im offline/singleplayer on ps4.

I don’t think droprate is influenced by anything (except mods), and you being on PS4 rules those out.

Anyway, it’s not that I’m not taking your word for it, it’s just that I’ve never seen - or heard of - white dyes dropping (except for the Halloween event of course), so I was surprised to say the least :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about white dyes, but black dyes are part of the loot table for the Votaries that spawn around the Well of Skellos. I have repeatedly looted them from the fighters and archers around there when looking for the T4 Tanner and task master.

Also, thanks for the shout out Kwalya.

And Steve, thanks again for the oil the other day :wink:


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