White dye please

we cant seem to find white dye in the game, if its not in the game already can we get you to add it?

White dye is only craftable with a T4 alchamest at the firebowl cauldron. It takes 1 waterfilled flask and 3 raw ash to make. The same goes for the black dye and but is with oil instead

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But you need to add that not every t4 alchemist allows to craft those two dyes.
I think its only purge-alchemists which allow that. … and since purge is bugged and there are many inactive bases out there… well…

I just noticed that on the bottom of that page. I really dislike that there are named thralls in the purge. If your rng sucks like mine it’ll be an era before you see one, let alone be able to knock them out since they all run at you in droves.

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True True True… even if u try to divide & conquer will not work. since if u able to fight em well the Stupid Ai thrall LVL 4 is going run in & get himself killed none the less. So this big flaw in the ability programmer’s to make it challenging. how about if they only run in with no more than 2 thralls next to them & pretty much last.

thank you for this