How do I get White color

I need White Color for something. But I can’t make it. Does somebody know how do I get White color? Water and bones aren’t white

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Capture the Witch Doctor from the Summoning Place or any other purge T4 alchemist. Only they can craft the white dye.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Was amazed that they added white dye to the witch doctor. It’s so early game.


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As white dye had been locked to purge only alchemists for so long and the purges were broken for so long, I stopped wishing for white dye and used light ash dye instead.

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Most of ppl seems to favor white, I love being all in dark, yet I never bothered to get a purge alch or the witch doctor to make black dye, and the only one I got from a meteorite back in haloween I dyed a sandstorm mask.

I mainly use Midnight dye for armor, Is the black dye darker than Midnight ? Not home to check it in singleplayer.

Well it is significantly brighter than any of the “near white” dyes, and so makes for the most contrast, which brings out the designs better (IMO). I tend to prefer white and/or black dyes over any of the others, though I admit it could just be the relative rarity of those colors and my vanity playing a trick. It’s been known to happen.


It is, but I prefer Midnight Blue because the black is unnaturally black on some designs. Most objects we see as black aren’t truly black.

I did give my Black Knight a very black armor.


I dyed a Zingaran Freebooter armour in black, midnight blue and dark red. On screen it’s difficult to see a big difference. All 3 colours look like black. Perhaps it’s because the PS4 resolution not high enough.

Just captured the Darfari Witch Doctor from The Summoning Place.
Was around the shrine they have there.
It’s about the 30th time I clear the place, maybe a couple more than that, but less than 50 times to get her.

Good hunting!


Was there couple times, when I saw that one had spawned, my thrall killed her… -_- , I hope we get commands on thralls in the near future.

give your thrall a truncheon instead :wink: he will then help instead of sabotaging you

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Yeah, I know, usually I put him outside while I run there to see if the chests have any powder of corruption, so as I got in there running and saw the witch doctor but it was too late, it was like the damn Bandit Leader had a desire to kill her instead of the others around.

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I like white dye only for Feathers and Fur. The rest I use the original colors.

The Pict Sets. Wizard (Feathers) and the others look really great with white.

Black dye can be very jarring on cloth or leather type armor. Looks decent on metal armor though

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