When can we expect a fix for named alchemists?

Supposedly none of the named alchemists are spawning except the one at the Mounds of the Dead. From what I’ve been told, this has been going on for months with no fix and no eta. However I’ve been camping the Mounds spawn for several days and I am wondering if even that alchemist spawn location is working.

Just to give some perspective, In the past week I’ve spent at the Mounds, in the same amount of time I was able to get 6 Arch Priests at other locations. And that is NOT an exaggeration!!

That I can get that many arch priests and still no named alchemist is just crap… pure crap…

Named Alchemists are broken, this has been going on for far too long, and it really needs to be fixed.

yeah one named alchemist on the entire map is not enough obviously.

You should have a quick look here:

Darmok needs approximately 100 kills to spawn. Good luck mate.
But i can confirm he’s not broken, since i was Lucky enough to catch him 2 weeks ago, so you may find him eventually, but it’s just crazy how low are the spawn rates for some named right now.
As for archpriests there are some places where you can get them in a fair amount of time compared to 1 single placeholder like darmok.

however i’m still not 100% sure but i strongly Believe there is at least one other spot to catch him.

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Hey Battle_Gnome! :slight_smile: This is currently being addressed and will be fixed in a future patch.


When this is addressed, will it be the singular issue of the T4 alchemist spawn? Or will all of the unique spawns be reviewed? I understand that we were missing some others also (Grrr Legbiter, though I also think I heard that his spawn has been improved).

Thank you for your hard work, diligence, and frequent updates!!

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When you fix this in the volcano, whatever you do… DO NOT make it the same. Perma-Named in the volcano was game breaking since launch. It was ridiculous.


I suppose, but it also means they’ve just hosed down newer players. For those of us who literally have crates full of named crafter thralls of every persuasion, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other.

Sure, you’re right about that. But keeping a flawed implementation (permanent named thralls in fixed locations) because players have benefited from it is not the right thing to do, in my opinion.

Established players are likely to have a “full set” in either case, it’ll just be more work than it used to for newer players to catch up. But eventually they will - catch up, that is. It’s the first few T4 crafters that make the real difference, there’s some serious diminishing returns after that.

Obviously the fixed-spawn named thralls being a flaw is opinion, too, but it certainly doesn’t feel right to me.

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The named thralls must be hard to obtain. It gives them their value. I still remembering when I get my first (and last by the moment xD) named Bearer, and after a month I still looking for a named armorer.
After saying that, if I keep farming Thralls one month more and no armorer and no alchemist appears… well, this is not hard to obtain, this is ridiculous. What I mean is, The named thralls must be hard to obtain, they shouldn’t be stucked in any place, but there must to be some chances to obtain them between reasonable time-effort.

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you made me think " are bearer thralls still as useless as they were before, or did they finally get a inventory slots increase recently?" haven’t captured a bearer NPC for a long time, so i’m wondering…

Here is a suggestion (if you play on a pvp server) on how to get a Named Alchemist - just raid someone who was playing before the patch, I bet he has at least a couple of those in his base, to be fair, take one or 2 and leave the rest.

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in the town alternated spawn with a cook and in the small camp SE of the town a place with 1 alchy + 1 bearer, the icon of the small camp is the one usualy used for npc/religion wonder if it’s not also a bug btw

Hello @roro4066!
They are very useful in my opinion. The bearer level 1 and the 2-if I’m remembering well- have one or two more rows than other thralls, so you can carry extra 1500 stone for example. The bearer 3 has 4 or 5 rows, so when you are gathering resources, he makes a difference. And the named one has an extra row. The bearer as you know don’t have overload, so it doesn’t matter the weight of the load as long as it fits in the rows. When I’m on gatherer mode, let’s say 30 encumbrance, and I’m gathering heavy things, like iron, the named one is carrying around a 25% extra resources for me. In those situations is worthy. Have a nice weekend :wink:

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wow this is great new :sweat_smile: !!! was Worth asking :smiley: thank you mate !
Will check that as soon as i find a descent bearer.

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