Named alchemist and The Purge

Ok so I’ve been playing since console release and this has gone on long enough in my opinion.
Never have I dealt with a company that takes so ■■■■■■■■ long to fix And patch things properly.
I have never in all my playing seen a named alchemist. There are at least 4-5 spawn locations for them but all of them have been broken since release or like the volcano alchemist just gone after a patch with no explanation or time frame for a possible fix off funcom for months. Can we please get a firm answer on the following questions. And please real answers not vague garbage company lines.

  1. Are you going to fix the purge or not???
  2. Are you planning on ever finding a happy balance for named thralls and making it happen???
  3. The volcano. Was the removal of named thralls intentional, or an accident and will it be changed back???

These are not difficult questions yet nowhere on any of the available places to ask developer questions have they been at all answered. Be fair cause a lot of ppl are hanging out waiting for fixes if they are not coming soonish than I don’t want to waste anymore time on a game that the devs are either not interested in or are incapable of actually fixing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: the game since day one of console release
2.never, ever, ever see a named alchemist or a purge
3.finally get to volcano no more alchemist
4.wish you never even heard of this game

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Don’t know about alchemist but the purge is working ps4 private server. Good luck

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my guess is one of the dev’s has an affinity for bald guys cause thats all thats in the volcano now,
there is almost no reason to go there anymore, just wasted effort making the volcano biome.
it usd to be fun to see how early in the game you could get there and be rewarded with a few decent thralls,
no more, its dead space just used to get gold. . .

My purge bar was nearly full around May some time but went to zero overnight and had not moved a centimetre since than. There’s def something not working properly on official servers

The purge is totally bugged on official and so are the name alchemists. Ive be camping on and off over at sandswept tower and mounds of the dead, never ever have a higher than alchemist 3 spawned…
Several issues this game has can be tracked back to launch on console, yet these problems are still around. Might aswell go back to Ark if they dont fix their s**t.
One thing they do fix straight away are exploits, like infinite stamina after using light attack with a javelin, its currently being dealt with… Why not fix the damned purge and named thrall spawns instead?

Volcano still spawns the hardiest HP thralls. Vathis is ALWAYS there. The best archers are there. There are a few spawning named fighters that pop up there. I AM glad I stocked up on the named crafting thralls when they were there. Have only seen one spawn since they changed it. In RELATED news… the other spawn spots across the map have upped their rate of name spawns. I have found more than my fair share around the Nordheimer and Desert clans lately. The Cimmerian ones are more common also. The Berserker and Dalinsia are always easy finds.

As for Purge… they have documented it many times and say they are working on it. I’m beefing up my bases and defense plans in expectations that will hopefully not fall flat.

As for it being balanced… dude… I have seven bases… all but one have a Risa cracking the whip. Probably was never meant to be that easy and why they made the change. I have that alchemist at most of them and the Blacksmith is at some bases twice. I have since found other names elsewhere except for a named Taskmaster. I’m still hunting that for the one base left that doesn’t have one. Oh… and I have sooo many named cooks. Silly. Most of them torch what I put in though. Still waiting for that bug to fix.

now that you’ve mentioned this >Vathis is ALWAYS there
you can pretty much bet it will be nerfed, good job.

you also state that you “stocked up”
guess what elroy, not everyone plays on only one server forever.
what we have now is thrall wheel spam all over the map
because it’s hard to get a thrall to make chains.
i would love to find a home on a populated server, but every update, nerf, hotfix,
whatever you want to explain it away as, drives people away.

i love this game but the handling of bugs and other “issues” has decimated the server population.
it’s nice of you to be a cheerleader for the devs though, i guess someone has to. . .

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