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Ok so have searched everywhere and cannot find answers so here goes,

  1. Named Thralls in the volcano not just not spawning but in my case gone completely, was this intentional or will it be fixed?

  2. The purge, is it working on official pve servers? I have been playing since console release have massive bases at each main thrall camp and I have never seen my purge bar move. Not at all. Now this wouldn’t overly bother me but I paid full price for the game and don’t have access to the full game :man_shrugging:t2: I can’t use any legendary weapons cause I can’t repair them cause I can’t make legendary repair kits cause only purge blacksmiths can make them and purge is broken. Please consider making ALL of the craftables accessible outside of the purge which lets face it is probably never going to work properly. People deserve complete access to a full price game not just a small chance of obtaining something during an event that is broken and may never see.

  3. Performance. Main gripe here. This game is not visually stunning, bigger games with crisper better graphics have come and gone so we know that smooth running of a large game is possible with current tech. Why than does Conan suffer so much?? It is simply poor optimisation. For example you can see what’s in a chest or bench without opening it meaning that if I walk into a room with a hundred chests and 50 work benches absolutely every item in that room has to load and sit in memory for when I walk past to give me a look at what’s inside. That has to be a major cause of poor performance when in your base. Just a suggestion for something to look at.


This is the same for me. The spawn of eighter the cook or the alchemist which had previously been 100% named spawns has vanished completely. I think it’s the random tier cook which is still there.
I think both the tanner and the slaver spawns have vanished for good too, the smith is still there as a random tier spawn. (Meaning getting Secas should still be possible.)
I have not tested wether they are still able to spawn though.
They really ruined the volcano - now it serves for archer+fighter hunting only.

We had a working purge meter until halloween patch hit on the server we more or less recently moved over to. However, I havent experienced a purge for months now. (Only via event log, lol.)
Actually purge worked perfectly well prior to the full launch client. I still wonder why they had to use that damned thing. They were perfectly running up - not spawning on top or any else weird things. Though they never happened for bases which couldnt run up to…

I’m on PC, so I cant really take part on that point, but I have experienced that performance differ and the experienced bugs will never be the same for everyone. Some will have cruel framedrops while the next has no issue at all. Some may experience a ton of disconnects and crashes while others can play for an entire day without a single crash. Some might experience issues with names not showing or even not being able to hit the console or interact with chests and stuff.
However I really dont know how that is for consoles as I would guess those being the same.


On ps4 the performance issues as you say vary depending on the person and the server in my case it’s really bad frame rate drop around world bosses making them a huge pain in the butt to fight usually I get killed while the boss is a good 50ft away lagging it’s ■■■ out. The other is invisible enemies. I can get jammed between enemies with no escape and die without having seen a soul :joy::joy: rolling and flailing blindly sometimes works but most often I’m forced to run in circles for minutes at a time waiting for them to physically appear. Chests and doors can take a good dozen attempts to open some days. It just wrecks the immersion can never get to into it before I’m trying to figure out a work around some bug. I don’t expect a flawless game but most of these issues have been known for quite some time and don’t even seem to be recognised by funcom.

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You on a standard PS4 or a Pro?

Pro man. Pretty sure most of the ps4 issues are only on the pro :sob: makes me so happy I spent the extra cash :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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I concur… I have NEVER experienced a purge in solo to level 40ish (possibly no purge there anyways?); then co-op (to access admin panel & avoid insanity) to level 60+++, purge ON & bracelet removal ready; nor now on official server #3731 PvE level 55 so far. As was mentioned, the purge meter was moving before Halloween event but not now.
Good point about the purge thralls needed for legendary repairs… so now I’m a bit pissed (again).

  1. It’s a bug (possibly fixed internally, Tier 4 Spawnrates have been adjusted internally, as seen in the link below. At bare minimum, the actual loot tables have been looked over by the modding community and bugs have been reported).

  2. Some servers work okay, others do not. It’s being investigated.

  3. Performance updates are being worked on.

Visit this Conan Exiles bug and issues board to see what Funcom is working on

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Awesome man thank you I wasn’t even aware they had a bug board it also answered a few more unasked questions :+1::hugs:

They just launched it yesterday :slight_smile: Just helping spread the word a bit.

Edit: Don’t forget to vote too. The 2nd column, marked Step Up Bugs are eligible to be voted to be thrown into High Priority.

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Yeah I noticed one in there about little bits of rain coming into sealed buildings…it has the most upvotes??? Lol :joy: Out of all the things on the list rain drops through your roof that affect absolutely nothing is bothering people the most. Maybe they should consider skipping the voting part :joy::joy:

I cast my vote for ps4 performance fixes thanks guys didn’t even nknow about that need to start a post just referring people to that only 5 votes as of now

  1. It’s reported bug before one month(contain typo miss). See also : Real Named thralls spawn rate

  2. In my case, progress the Journey action increased purge meter. But after a few days meter decreased gradually by logout or server maintenance. And now purge meter is completely zero. My base has also wide range and many thralls. I heard that creating Tribe will increase meter more, so I have created my Tribe though solo playing.

  3. In my opinion, Funcom needs to provide preview items visible on/off option of in a chest or bench. It’s useful function for fast looking and looting. But off option will be good for users who want less lag. Also I know that Funcom should correct the lag though maintain the function but I think they don’t have enough techniques for materializing stably.

I’m on a PS4 Pro+SSD.
Of course I have experience of laggy environment everyday.

@Darkzombie, do you try to turn off the boost or super sampling option in PS4 Pro system menu?


No I haven’t tried that But it’s a really good idea. I’ll try turning it off after work and post the results here. Great idea :+1:

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