Bug with purge in volcano

Game mode: [Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Volcano]

My brother and I have a small thrall building by the Well of Skelos and when we got purged just this morning thats where it hit. Only problem is, when the wave spawned they were spawning in the lava and just before the lava and walking into it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build something in volcano
  2. Fill purge meter
  3. Set purge to attack
  4. Sit back and watch
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Heya, can you try posting a link to the screenshot again? It wasn’t letting you before since you’re a brand new user. I went ahead and adjusted your forum account so you can do that now. Thanks a lot for the report!

thanks for that, just realized i could just directly post the photo

Yeah, in a future version, ennemies will be able to build bridges and horizontal elevators. Some may even jump with ropes (screaming : All abooooard !)

On a serious note, you’re lucky that mobs actualy spawned during a purge. I never saw a purge working normaly (on 3 different servers)

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Ah is that so? That be pretty interesting for sure! As for mobs spawning in purges, every one that I have seen has seemed to work properly so far aside from the lava thing. Though up until about 10 minutes before that purge above I was in a different clan from my brother and had my purge meter 100% full for at least 72 hours and could never get purged. I finally gave up waiting for it to happen and we decided to merge clans and about 30 seconds after we did, the purge notification appeared. Let’s just say he found it much funnier than I did.

Sometimes a second wave can be bugged. But else we have quite ok success on our server with purges.

Hey Nicole, slightly off topic but what’s the deal with purges on pve while offline?

Are they supposed to happen offline in pve?

I have seen 2 bases totaled in the last week, a third we managed to defend from sand reaper bosses.

One of these purges happened to a good friend near asagarth we met through the game. Needless to say he demolished what little remained of his base saying he was unlikely to play again.

If its intended, it seems like a silly way to lose players and future dlc purchasers.

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Why should purges be disabled on PVE? So you can build super mega giant structures?

Purge is content for PVE servers and also the only way if you don’t know to get T5 thralls.

If your friend wanted to play Minecraft he picked the wrong game.

Dont you mean T4 thralls? Even purge thralls are technically just T4.
And also, there was never anyone asking for Purges to be disabled, there was a question about whether offline Purges were meant to happen… No one ever said anything at all about disabling it whatsoever


i cant post pictures, cant post links (even links that belongs and points to this forum) cant send PMs, it says i am a new user, could you please adjust my account?


Purge can happen offline and that’s how it should be so you can´t cheese out of a purge. There are ways to defend offline.

Purge 0 = Anyone, offline or online, clan or not gets put into the system if ready.
Purge 1 = Anyone, online, clan or not gets put into the system if ready.
Purge 2 = Only online and in a clan with 2 members or more gets put into the system if ready.

But even if you advocate for setting 1. A neighbour can just draw the purge to the base and see it wreck the offline player.

I never asked for pve purges to be disabled.
One of the things everyone on the server, me included, is excited about is a purge.
Its just a shame that 90% of the purges that have happened on our server, have not been experienced by anyone.
People login to find there base gone or almost and go “wtf have I just wasted the last month on?” And leave the game for good.

Before the question gets posed, it was a (probably nude) nordheimer purge on a well defended black ice base with over 50 endgame fighter and archer thralls (that probably watched on like dumasses).
Only a couple of weeks prior I helped him defend his 6 foundation fish n squish operation from an undead dragon purge. All they broke was a torch.

If two players can stop undead dragons but 50+ high level T4 dumasses can’t stop nude Nord’s, offline purges shouldn’t happen.

he has the choice, or play in singleplayer where he can do all the settings he want, also disabling purge, or play maybe on a privat server where purge is disabled if he don’t like be purged. Still a choice. Some want see purges, and never can spot one, others don’t like it.

But he’s free to chose the right server for he’s wishes and needs, while others have the same choice to experiment some purges because they love the action.

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Purge still have lot problems, and many people never experience some.

I don’t know if you play on official or privat server. But on official of course there are offline-purges. Like said, if you don’t wish that, there lot of privat servers also without purge, or purge set-up at a specicique time. That’s your choice.

Purge already happens at a specific window. 18-22 CET for example.

NPCs are just bugged in general around the volcano.

Go near the Well of Skelos and just stand near the lava…

Watch as the NPCs come down the path from the Well and just walk straight into the lava…one after another…like lemmings.

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they need be more, so we can at least walk on the dead bodies :laughing:


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Well, i agree with Honkylips…
Offline purges are kinda “dumb”…
Purges are incredible to experience, i had one happen and it was f****** fun, mildly speaking…
If it should happen, it really shouldn’t happen while offline, because nobody experiences it…
And yes, it can be drawn to other bases by players, but still…
Generally just sucks to be purged offline im sure, and i can understand if people get insanely pissed about it…
All there is to it for some people, nothing more

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