PS4 - things that need to be fixed right away

I know there are a lot of things that have been around a while or might be higher priorities. I think most of these things are being worked on already. Ie, purge, performance, thrall ai.

but things that have come up more recently and should be able to be fixed quickly hopefully.

  • nameplates on npcs or anyone don’t pop up until you are on top of them. They used to render at double the distance they currently do and a lot faster.

  • thrall pot and feeding pot - we can’t scroll. just fix this please.

  • one spot on the whole map to get one rarely spawning tier 4 alchemist. fix please. ( what’s the point of the tier 1 and 3 spawn in the volcano) why would someone ever grab the 1?

  • an old one but a good one. named armorer that can make the flawless reptile. oh and the reptile set is broken. hands and chest reversed. hyena epic flawless still gives plus 5 survival instead of plus 9

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Thinking of this, the only named Alchemist I have is Sayed Secretkeeper.

A guy that when he was a guaranteed spawn I farmed out 7 of for my bases.

I have yet to find another named Alchemist anywhere.

and fix the lag/Stuttering is unplayable is like [play-stop-play-stop-play-stop…etc


All thrall (profession) on vulcano should be named!

this one is easy to answer. The T1 and T2 spawns at any location allow for a better randomization and rarity purposes while also “giving” away the location of crafter spawns so you know where to farm.

Also the “Physics stop” bug and the “disappear food from thrall inventories/pots without feeding them” bug

You can get Darmok the Experimenter in the Mounds of the Dead, and Rokur the Alchemist at the Wardtowers and rarely a Sranka at the Pagoda.

The only place I haven’t grinded out thralls yet is Mounds of the Dead. So maybe that’s where my alchemist will be, since it’s nowhere else.

Its still going to be rare, but I have successfully gotten him twice there. It only spawns at one hut so its easy to check, kind of.

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