No level 4 Alchemist with name

I can not find a way to find a npc alchemist with name or level 4 took several days and there is no way to appear, only appear level I, II, or III but nothing else, in the volcano had npcs with name now no longer, that is it happening with the updates, which is becoming more and more complicated to find resources? In my opinion, if you want to attract recent players, they will have a very bad time finding npcs with a name above any alchemist

they will probably fix it soon, hopefully … but meanwhile you can get 1 at the mounds.

Try the mounds of the dead for alchemist

Thank you, I have tried in the city of hunters, black galeon, asagarth, the three towers … In the numbers of the dead has not gone, try the problem I think it has been this latest update. , no matter how much the npc breathes, the named alchemist does not appear

Jens is confirming they know and work about the issue.

I’m guessing but I think the issue is with Named thralls in general. When they first introduced Thrall Pots there was a huge spike in named thrall spawns. A week ago it took a hard nose dive. If I guessed this right we had a period where there were a certain number of Named thralls in every Biome but that has been set to global, either on purpose or by accident. So farming a spot doesn’t work because the named thrall count is full on the map and we are expected to go find them, remove them and hope they rotate to the spots with an Alchemist 4 in the mix.

In short they need to generate new players 20X what they are now or put code where we have them by Biome again. Yes we will see “too many” Grr Legbiter type thralls but it will allow us to get Alchemists too. Coming from someone who has 3 Fia, the named surplus isn’t the end of the world.

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