T4 spawns, Why further break the game

Anyone else notice the ninja nerf to t4 spawns in the siptah camps. Wonder what the reason is for further breaking the game.


The only usefull t 4 now is bs and armourer… Just the tempersmiths is all u need… Other than that, why would u need a t4 crafter??? The patch that introduced new benches rendered the rest kinda useless…


Not really t2 and lower was mainly useless anyways they just made t2 useless now. T3 and t4 still unlock stuff.

T3 alchemist can make oil t4 can make tar.

T3 carpenter can make twigs and t4 can make wood out twigs.


U can craft oil from fishtraps also… Reworked to the point they r not useless anymore… As for tar kill and skin low level humans npcs (like in dregs, or summoning place or a t1 surge-depending on map) and u will get a lot of hides to craft tar… U can also hit fallen branches with an axe (a really fast way to obtain branches), wood out of twigs is nothing special as the ratio is not that great… I find em mildly useless… T3 alchemist is ok ish as the ratio of oil u get from bark and ichor aint bad…

And if they add another way to repair legendary stuff, other than kits, armourer and bs will be meh also… For pvp maybe they add, but for pve thralls r not a great addition (more of a collectionist item rather than usefull)

90% of the game tbh.

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in addition to what @Styker added, T3+ taskmasters unlock the chain bindings and cooks at every tier unlock recipes.

Do not all thralls, regardless of tier, reduce craft times by varying percentages also?

I guess it depends on your playstyle whether one finds them useful or not. Personally, I can’t imagine having a base without thralls at every station. It makes it feel more alive if nothing else imo.


Yes, they do, and it can be a big difference in your crafting pipeline.

And don’t forget being able to craft steel reinforcements out of iron reinforcements with steelfire. That, in turn, allows you to get 1 steel bar out of 1 iron bar and 1 steelfire. Instead of smelting 5 iron bars and 1 steel fire into 1 steel bar, you first convert 1 iron bar into 1 iron reinforcement, then turn that iron reinforcement into steel reinforcement as described above, then dismantle it into a steel bar.

Takes up much more time than smelting, but you need to farm 5x less.


no named thrall is needed on steel reinforcements… a t3 and an improved bs bench is enough


I know, but a named thrall will make it go faster. The whole process is excruciatingly slow compared to smelting. Not that I’m complaining, that’s actually very good game design.


Another one of these threads. RNG hasn’t changed. No, I don’t care that you’ve been through some camp x amount of times and insist its different.

That’s RNG.


I believe the bench based economy is better, rather than as it used to be (u needed only purge bs to have the reinforced ability)… as for speed, u can way easier have 4 improved benches and 4 t3 bs and this way cut speed in half , rather than wait for a t4 and one bench in order to go faster…
Do not misunderstand me, i agree with u in the fact that named have some use(speed crafting), but trying to show to OP that the workaround is faster the way the game works now(which i find fantastic)

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That’s what I’m doing - 4 of all the production benches with T3’s on board. Need more speed, benches and T3’s are cheap and easy. Works nicely. Good tip!

Have you tried that though, Oh my gosh… I was sooooo happy when I found out a T3 could make oil :oil_drum: - saved me hours per armor suit.

yes i have tried the t3 alchemist oil production and i am ok with this , but as a player that has his base set up and having enough traps to catch rare fish and produce some oil at the same time i find it way easier… the traps r at my home doorstep , and all i need to do is to take some grubs and place em in the traps… then venture to whatever i like doing , and on return just gather what is in the traps… as u can see i also have presses above my traps , so when i get some oil producing fish i dump em in presses at once and then when i need i just gather the presses XD

so i invest time that i would gather bark and ichor to other stuff! :smiley:

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Oh you built right in the water… That’s a good idea! I was running back and forth 200m to and from the lakeside. Even like that though I don’t wanna hafta do that again.

  • Waaaaait for worms,
  • divide to traps,
  • waaaaait for fish,
  • divide to presses,
  • waaaaait for oil.

Or was I doing it the hard way? Compared to that, the

  • Safari for ichor enemies,
  • hack some trees,
  • make oil fast.

seems so much less painful. :slight_smile: But I get that it’s whatever works… Hey, “Zen And The Art of Game Oil”… it’s all guud. That is a cool setup you got going there - looks like…

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i do not wait for worms… i have composts that give me a stack of worms per fishtrap… so i gather all composts, place a single stack in each fishtrap , and then go away… doing the stuff i like… fish now last 7 hrs inside fishtraps , so when i am about to log out, i collect the traps , put the rare fish in fridges , and the exotic ones in presses , save the lobsters for the wheels (i find extremely good food for the wheel) and just dumb the rest on the spot… then i go and log out! next day when i am in grubs have replenished and i do it again… once per day (not obligatory) … all u need is place one compost per compost heap so it generates grubs over time… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I learned that really quick too… Make same number of traps as compost boxes. I think I had 40 going… I prolly should have (would have) doubled or tripled that but I found out about the other method and went off in that direction.

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