So are unnamed crafting thralls completely useless now?

So the thalls levels 1, 2 and 3 for smelting, blacksmith, carpenter, etc - Is there any point to having them them? Do they reduce fuel / material cost or increase speed at all?

Or is it now impossible to reduce the grind for mats at low levels now?

With the increase in materials costs for all items and added to that no way to reduce crafting costs and also the addition of more required crafting benches - I feel like we should rename this update the “Tedious” update.

The game is so tedious now. Not difficult. Just tedious endlessly mining materials. No capturing thralls to change it up - just grind, grind, grind. No need to fight anything until you finish 100 hours of grinding for materials

Most of my thralls are t2-3’s (from old days when they didnt wear apron or stupid hat and gloves)

My understanding was t4’s would be abit more common instead of 1-2% spawns to counter it.

Console user… so can’t say I know to much about it outside alot of dislike/hate threads which don’t give alot of info on subject.

In the case of, for instance, armorers or blacksmiths, t1, 2 and 3 provide incremental benefits to damage/armor rating, durability and weight - with t4 providing an incrementally higher benefit in those areas along with a specific extra benefit to one of those areas based on their specialisation. Carpenters are much the same, but the only thing really affected is bows.

Tanners, smelters, cooks - I believe the only difference is slight increases to crafting speeds

Taskmasters are much the same as before (just with the addition of a ‘taming speed’ specialisation or a ‘durability’ specialisation for the t4s)

I’m playing a Crom worshipper, so can’t really comment on Priests, and I picked up the Witch Doctor pretty early on so I’m not really sure on Alchemists either - but I’d imagine they’re probably largely about crafting speed again.

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They nerfed all t4-5 crafter of alchemist to now only do recipes for t4 tier. It’s pretty lame cuz they nerfed the hell outta the reasoning to look forward to a purge spawn.

Oh don’t worry the purge will be looking for you :smiling_imp:

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Essentially there isn’t any real purpose to T1,2,3 Tanner, Smelter, Carpenters.
The faster crafting time is not noticeable.
So now the only way to reduce the material cost or speed of smelting, woodworking and tanning is when you can build the improved stations, then again at 55+ when you can build the new stations.

Basically this makes the game more like minecraft now in the early stages because you really have to just grind for 10 times more materials to get the same things and you are using only iron tools. It’s a bit better after you get steel and improved stations, but pathway to get steel isn’t “harder” or more “challenging” - it’s just more tedious and requires more grinding (not fighting or other kind of challenges).
I’ve noticed this in a lot of games - the developers don’t make the game “harder” as it progresses in development except to make it more tedious and less interesting.

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To be honest my settings are 0.5 harvest and cost at 2.5 so that what I like which means this does not bother me and all exp is set to 0.1 so it takes a week to get to lvl 30 afterwards about 2 months to get to 60

Some T3 crafters do give some extra recipes in some benches. Moreover some T1 crafters give extra recipes as well, for example, T1 armorer can make Thick Hide from some thin hides and twines. All of them make a slightly better armor and weapons and all of them do their work a bit faster from T1 to T3. If you live at the Isle of Siptah and can’t get T4s from higher-level Surges alone you will appreciate those changes.


Yes, the real impact of these changes is on Siptah, where they are more beneficial than they are on the Exiled Lands, due to the siginificant resource investment to summon a top tier surge and the extremely low odds of getting a T4 crafter (with the right specialization) from said surge.

I was pleased to see that T3 crafters will now have a not insignificant chance to spawn during wild surges on the testlive patch notes.

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But …


T4 are better - IF you can get them. It’s extremely hard on the Isle of Siptah, and it’s rather hard in the Exiled Lands if you play SP or play on some low-populated server without mods boosting T4 spawn rates, - and Multigun declared that he is going to abandon his mods changing T4 spawn rates.

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