Low T4 Thrall Spawnrates

This isn’t a really big suggestion, but important nevertheless:

Please adjust spawn rates of T4 thralls. Since the big patch (a month-and-a-half now?) I have visited the black galleon almost daily, sometimes 5-8 times a day. I have not found a single T4 Armorer there.
The spawn rate for any other thrall is too low as well. My endgame thralls were almost exclusively fixed thralls (Sayd Secretkeeper, etc).

Such low spawn rates seriously cut the (meaningful!) endgame time. At one point, one knows it doesnt pay to farm, but collect the fixed thralls. I am tired of the low spawn rates, and this is one of the reasons why I give Conan Exiles a break, until things are sorted out. This shouldn’t be a whine post, as CE is a great, very enjoyable game. But before adding different grind mechanics and things to do when 60, please address the endgame mechanics that are already in place (Thrall Collection, Dangerous Online Purges).

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I agree. Today I plundered the black Galleon relentlessly. No T4, sighs. So I went over to Sepamaru and beat them like a rented mule! Nada. I mean, sure, ok, fine. I can get by on exceptional gear. But it would be nice to go flawless.

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