T4 armor thrall spawn rate

They say Ps4 and xbox are treated like stepchildren, and I believe it. Only armor thrall I got was from a purge, and been looking for weeks. No new players will dare pvp without armor equality. Your patches reward the old players, screw the new ones. Unless PS4 also has ability to instakill NPCs 1000 per hour like PC guys running around in ghost mode. C’mon man.

Spawn rates for console and PC are identical. Only way they can be different is via mods.


4 weeks. 0 Zoara. I camp her every day for hours. I live by had spawn point. Every day. Patiently waiting to make friends with her. She is either elusive or when I finally have to see somone catches her and drags her away.

Bandit leaders seem a little scarce at the moment. But they spawnes way to much.

All is not lost in Sep though.

This morning I caught 2 named archers, named cook. A named Set priest and a named black Smith.

Armorers seem to be the issue.

I might add that this is mainly since Sep was redone. Graham the Worn also seems MIA for the most part.

The rest might be ok. Pre-patch your chance were much better.

We’ve had good luck getting armorers from the relic hunter groups north of sep. Make those groups part of your sep run.

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Exactly, I just found a T4 armorer at one of the slaver camps west of the city. Something “Leatherbinder” I believe.

yes the two new armorers have high spawn rate.

but all others armorers have a low spawn rate at sep city.

and armorers of black hand, pirate ship are more than very rare. I mean there was a time where pirate ship was spawning T4 artisans at every spawn, but now it’s something like a 0,02 probability… may be there is a balance to do between 100% spawn rate and 0,02 spawn rate.

spawn rate not balanced at all

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Gham the Worn actually spawned. I managed to capture him. It was pretty epic. But it took weeks of camping to get him. Hes not even the one I truly wanted either.

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According to wiki those Sep armorers share the same spawn places - thus competing no only with really low regular spawn rate but also among themselves. Even with broken single player game spawns it took me a week before I stumbled upon Zoara while captured 2 Hanar of Bossonia and Than Hammerblow

Yes the same here. Wasn’t even looking for him. Found him with a relic slave hunter or whatever she was called north of sep. Took her down then captured leatherbinder

I find the spawn rate for named T4 thralls is a lot better since the 1.40 patch, in solo / co-op games. Before the only one that spawned regularly was The Captain in Sepermeru. I had to wipe the Black Galeon several times in a row to get an armourer able to craft the Zamoran Dancer armour and the Epic Flawless Zamoran Thief armour.
After the patch the 1st time I visited Sepermeru to see if there was some named T4 interesting to capture, I found SIlas le Burné (that how is name is translated in French:grinning:). I took him because it’s one of the 2 armourers that can craft the Epic Flawless Zingarran armour. Then in one of the camp around New Asgarth I found Beri. I’ve found many T4 fighters and archers all around the map where before the patch I could only see t1-3.

Does Zingarran give 9 points in its respective attribute?

The problem I’m having with spawn rates at the moment is, back about a year ago when I was playing if you came across a smelter spawn it could only be a smelter. A lot of the spots now can spawn any crafter including performers. So instead of the smelter respawning as a higher level smelter it can now spawn as a low level cook then a low level blacksmith and so on.

It’s hard to get motivated to go hunting all the t4’s. These days I just end up feeling like I’m wasting my time.

This actually motivates me more, since it discourages camping a spot by other players.

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In single player if you leave the sector and come back (especially after teleporting) game will repopulate alive NPCs. Spawn chance doesn’t change, but because of frequent “rerolls” T4 thralls are much more common.

in multiplayer a lot more people farm them so one may get a lucky round of 2-3 T4 while the other one would be cleaning up for him :slight_smile:

yes, he craft freebooter armor, vit+9, light and cold protection

Good to know.

I have him and the points to buy the armor. So this could be an option for me.

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