T4 armorer not spawning?

I have spent 2 full days 12 hours plus countless hours during the week of spawn camping known armorer spawns, and not one T4 named has spawned? Love to know if anyone else has found any in the last few weeks? (Exiled lands PC)


Once I was searching @Larathiel the smelter. It took me 13 days to witness a spawn but after this she spawned a lot.
I have to admit that after 2.4 FIA do not spawn so “easy”.
Armorers are a real pain, blacksmiths too. Especially in Siptah.
Good luck my friend, Welcome to the forum :+1:t6:


I think the RNG Gods are not smiling on you right now. They are fickle and can change their minds at any time.

Same thing happened to us when looking for a blacksmith ‘tempersmith’ and others in Sephemaru. I don’t know how many times we went through and slaughtered all the crafters (and a fair number of fighters and archers) only to not have any named spawn. And then one evening, we went through there and found 4 named in one shot. Most named crafter spawns are <1% chance if you look in the Wiki, which makes it very tough. Your best bet would be to go to where there are multiple crafter spawns (Sephemaru, Black Galleon, Mounds, etc…) that way at least you have multiple chances of spawns, not just one chance that is less than 1 percent.


Are you just looking to see if the named is there? Or actively farming? By that I mean killing the non-named thrall that spawns there to cause respawns. If just looking, and nobody else kills the non-named, then they won’t spawn, will they? Do officials reset daily? Been years since I played on any server.


Yes, Wolfkyn they do, at least, the one I am playing on does.

What FastJohnny says is true, it can seem ridiculous the RNG.
For example I had been waiting for two weeks (every day logging on etc) to find a Dalinisia but she just never spawned for me, or if she did, someone else probably snapped her up earlier when I wasn’t around (she is a popular thrall to get)

Then three days ago she spawned and I bagged one, and then the following day, another!
In my case it was like buses, you wait ages for one and then two spring up at once.

Keep trying, vary your log on times if you can, sometimes just getting there first if one does actually spawn can be the key, otherwise, as Johnny says… just keep farming.


yeah officials reset daily at around 5 AM , so it would change once per day if no one killed / farmed the location … still not the best way to farm though :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

even if I found my T4 derketo priest upon arriving at the pagoda after having farm the spot for 7 days ( ~6h per days ) straight without any success and even more while refreshing ( having constructed some " protective staircases" between the 2 campfires leading down to a maproom on the beach , since someone was trying to build a little too close and was already despawning some lemurian archers ) before i finaly stumbled upon it at arrival once :partying_face:


Funny that you say that about Dalinisia, similar thing happened to me although I wasn’t specifically looking for her. I hadn’t seen her all game yet and then the other night I went through Stargazer’s Crest and there she was, so I accepted her job application.

The next evening, a friend and I went rummaging through the Mounds of the Dead and her twin sister was there.


Try doing a circuit around Sepermeru and Oasis of Nekhet. There are 4 tiny camps, each of which has a few fighters (Relic Hunter Slave Takers, if I recall correctly) and one armorer. That armorer is mostly a T3, but has a chance to be T4, and a Temperwright at that (again, if I recall correctly). It’ll take you a while, but it’s the easiest way of getting an armorer that I know of.


I’ve definitely found several t4 armorers in the past few weeks on pc (singleplayer) - in my case it’s blacksmiths I can’t get for love nor money, lol. (It took me ages to even get better than a t2 blacksmith.)
If I recall correctly, I got most of my armorers from running the noob river exiles camps - I wouldn’t say the odds are good on any individual visit, but they do seem to work out well for me in the long run.

(To be honest, I’m only still raiding those camps because I’m looking for Hodur and the Tyrant of Pelishti - because somehow I’ve ended up with those two (and Galacus the Gourmand) every time I play, so not having found them yet in this game makes me feel like they are lost out there somewhere and need finding :laughing: )


Thanks for the confidence guys, I have been resetting multiple spawns, but at least I know they do exist I just have to keep up the grind, appreciate the help.


Yeah, I keep looking in the same guy and haven’t found him yet. Not because we need him, but because of his stage name…Gratt Stinkfinger. Although, we already do have Hellbreath.

Also, haven’t found Vatessa the Potent yet, but I hear she makes a mean Meaty Mashup.


Oh, I found Stinkfinger in Sepermaru. Wasn’t actually looking for him but there he was just standing in the street waving his arms to no-one.

Alas he was the one I lost when I careened off a cliff while stumbling in the dark.

Was not happy. :expressionless:


Damn gratz mate, been looking for derketo tier 4 priests for so long and they never spawn to me, been farming pagoda for ages. They so rare and have 5 different ones hehe. What name of your derketo priest?

I’ve gotten Espel. The only place I ever recall getting a T4 Derketo is the bonfire on the little hill just left of the main part of the Pagoda and that is where we got her. I had to make a lot of trips there to kill off the un-named ones though.

Maybe see if you can get a purge triggered in that area, I think that might be a good chance and if I remember correctly, one of the possible purges might be Lemurian Remnants or something like that.

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yes they spawn only near bonfires at 2 camps near pagoda on the cliffs.
I’m playing on official server so someone already built near the pagoda but tnx for the tip mate.
just was curious which one you got our of the 5 priests :smiley:

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