Jehungir Horseshoe doesn't spawn

Guys I’m becoming mad … that fu**er just doesn’t spawn, and there are no other armorers that craft Flawless Epic Hyrkanian Armor. I’ve raided that galleon for a month and never saw it (I found 2 Joka Ironfist) and now I’m raiding it again since a week and still can’t find it.

It’s frustrating, really … devs should buff it’s spawn chances or do something. It’s not like it crafts something that useful: hyrkanian armor it’s just a cool heavy armor, nothing more. I think devs should set it’s spawn chances to 10% at least.

Orqina Steeltongue of the Exiles faction is also able to craft Flawless Hyrkanian, and she can spawn in many Exile camps. Running back and forth checking the camps along the Noob River should gain her faster than camping at the single spawn of Jehungir at the Galleon.

Hyrkanian Raider pants are great for thralls. They look cool and have a decent armor rating.

Yeah, I’ve looked for her too for quite a while, still couldn’t find her.
I think I just have to keep trying, right ?

Yep. Thrall lottery is annoying when you need that one particular thrall. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that as soon as you finally find the thrall you want, the next Purge that hits your base will include at least two clones of that same thrall. Happened to me with Grrr Legbiter and Enis Ironwrought (who I had actually managed to find twice before thralling her, but accidentally killing her both times - bloody Exiles keel over if you so much as yell at them).

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25days ago I got him…

So hopefully he is still in the game.

PS.: For Orqina try Sinners refuge (Grr can also be there).

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