Anyone know which t4 armorer has recipe of flawless hyperborean slaver epic set?

I tried multiple t4 armorer from Hyborian and others but seems it doesn’t have one

have you tried diana? Diana steelshaper?
I’m not sure but she could be the one.
Sadly, i don’t have her in my new playthrough yet so i can’t confirm and would be glad to get the correct answer too.
But i think SHE was providing the flawless version on my previous playthrough.
let me know then please.

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I believe Roro may be correct. I had her and pretty sure “it” in my Live playthrough a few weeks ago, but have not found her in countless hours this playthrough. I believe she may be broken on TestLive.

The area where two named thralls (I believe this was her spot) used to spawn in South Sepermeru seems to be messed up. The building they spawned next to is different now and the two thralls spawn trapped within it. I used “Ghost” to go inside and look, but you cannot ever see the names of the thralls while trapped inside. I cannot, at least.

yes she is hyborian and she didn’t have the recipe.

And looks like it is bug then since this patch

Hmmm. That bites. Sort of off topic, but related, have either of you been able to get a T4 Carpenter in the last two or three weeks? Pretty sure I used to get her in the belly of the Black Galleon (had to take a six month break and not remembering everything exactly), but countless hours farming that and Sepermeru has turned up nothing more than T3.

Not a huge deal going from seven branches to five for shaped and arrows, but I just like getting a myriad of T4s for my stations. And I know very little of the spawns in the north, but getting ready to go farm and learn what I can there.

thanks for the feedback.

yo can still find sigyn at the bottom of the ship.
I’ve grabbed 2 a few days ago, but she is pretty rare and she is now different looking (dark skin+dark hair).
i’m sad since she used to be my favourite carpenter of the game with some other nordheimer carpenters from the new asagarth.
here is a screen mate!

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Hey, my thanks! I’m just having considerably bad luck there it seems. And damn. She was one of my favorites as well. Actually, I am really not liking many of the new “static” looks of the named thralls. Like, Daya Leaddrinker, for example.

Anyway, thanks again for the help and the screenshot!

So checking my personal collection of T4 Armorers on my single player game and I didn’t see one with Flawless Hyperborean on them. However, I think a lot of the T4 Armorer haven’t gotten their list yet, because a lot of them just make Flawless Light, Medium, and Heavy ATM. Even The Den’s Legendary Armorer doesn’t have anything else, and he should be the one to make Flawless Epic Hyena Armor.

yea another t4 armorer from Den has the recipe for Hyena Armor, however, his ability is same as t3 armorer and has only exceptional level, which is bugged and should be fixed.

hey deadspine look! it’s fresh from 30 min or so…it appears we’ve got a new favourite carpenter now since rayne seems to have transformed into a gorgeous lady :slight_smile:

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Nice! And in the Black Galleon as well. Are you on Live or TestLive?

“Live” and “single player” for this playthrough.
Note it’s the first time i found rayne in this playthrough, so she might be very rare to find, but with RNG you never know…
You’ll see there are plenty of new named armorers here too, i was really surprised !

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Good to know. I’ve been thinking about switching back to Live. And yes, it is pretty great. I’ve done well with rare armorers, blacksmiths, smelters, dancers, fighters, archers, taskmasters and a single named bearer, but no luck with carpenters. But I’m going to keep at it!

What’s your bearer name? I found one who is called “amzaldi the traveller” i think.
Did you find any new named dancers ?

No new dancers. Just all the old ones, I believe. And the bearer is called “Narr Goatfoot” I think. I’m out of the game waiting for it to update at the moment (I’ve had it running for two or three days).

EDIT: Oh and I’ve not found any named priests of any sort. Just arch priests. I don’t think that I’ve gotten any named alchemists as yet either. Once this updates, I am going to save the game save stuff and switch to my Live sandbox folder and check that out for awhile. If my Live save is screwy or anything, I’ll start a new game and will be a few hours before I’m happily “thralling” again heheh.

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Thanks for the reply.
Only archpriests for me too.
i don’t think they have added named priests to the game but i might be wrong…still have plenty of locations to clear. Same for alchemists i think, but i bet the only one lvl 4 alchemist is still at the same place…i will be heading over there pretty soon, so will see!

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I dont think so.
t4 are meant to spawn less often.
(Though in current testlive (there was some update last night) it has been told to be fixed, so that those thralls will spawn again properly…)
In my first “serious” playthrough I never got an t4 carpenter, and some else player never got a smith… I think we couldn’t even trade, as he absolutely wanted to get them on his own.

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Ohh, that is very good to know. My thanks, Nuria.

Yeah, I’d had my game running for around three days and so it just now updated my TestLive. However, I just finished saving everything and switching/renaming my folders to go back on Live. I’ll have to check those specific spawns in TestLive another time.