Hyperborean Slaver Armor (Exceptional, not Epic?)

I can’t seem to find any information, on any thrall that assists in the creation of any armor of this set /except/ the super rare “Grrr Legbiter”. Does ANYONE know if there is an Armorer III that’ll make the non-flawless “exceptional” version of Hyperborean Slaver armor?

I have yet to find one that’ll do the deed.

Darfari Armorer III maybe? Or is there a “Hyperborean Armorer III” that’s not in the spawn list somewhere, that I am missing? Because this is ■■■■■■■ me off. I own all the DLC, but I want -that- look. I could easily go Pictish armor … but I want the Hyperborean look.

As far as I know, there are no Hyperboreans advertising their heritage in the game, except for Grrr. I’m afraid you’ll just need to get lucky and try to find him.

Why would they include the normal version players can make … The Flawless version Grrr can make … and not include the middle version that nameless NPC’s can make?

I cannot help with the T3 spawn, but Grrr is not that “super-rare”… just annoying.

Most of players just ignore unnamed camps of exiles on the river actually MAY be spawn points for random t4 of the Exiles faction.

Yes I know, it’s not like to try raiding the single faction capital like New Asagarth or Mounds of the Deads or Black Galleon, it’s an annoying tour of all the river each time to find nothing most of the time, but in the medium-long run, having my main base near big river, I captured 3-4 of them.

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