What armorer do i need to make hyperborean slave epic flawless? [pc]

wiki tells me nothing, and i cant find any other source been searching for hours…
name and location plz if anyone knows

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Hyborean I would assume.
I’ll let you know if I see a good one.

Maybe Joka Ironfist from The Black Galleon.

(I wonder why the armor is called “Hyperborean”, is this like the Super Saiyan of the Hyboreans?)

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Hyperborea was the first Hyborian kingdom, the very first stone fortress and the cradle to the Hyborean Age.

If memory doesn’t fail me it was Conan’s first dream to reach Hyperborea and learn their secret to immortality, which he did and did not like, so he lead a slave insurgency to scape it.


Oh, that’s quite interesting. Thanks.

I should really read up on Conan lore as my assumption was very, very wrong.

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I got this guy last night and he has no bonus racial or cultural recipes, just the black hand stuff.
So he’s useless. There are 5 named armorer’s on that ship and he’s the only one without extra recipes.

There may not be a thrall to make the set you want, just like there’s no thrall for flawless Vanir or, as far as I know, flawless Relic Hunter (there used to be two but their spawn points were removed…).
So many unfinished things in this game.

rofl, i think the only way to find out is to get every single armorer, or one until you find it. i have found hyperborean fighters, but no hyperboarean armorers so idk

Looking at the wiki, I have every armorer listed that is currently obtainable, the first seven.

Maybe there’s some unlisted ones, I have no idea. I don’t think the one he needs exists. The one I need for Vanir doesn’t exist either.

yea i looked at every one, some say hyperboarean race but don’t have that specific set to unlock

There isn’t a named armorer that makes flawless Hyperborean armor, whether standard or epic. It’s one of the bugs I reported during early access.

Assuming that there’s been no changes since towards the end of early access, the flawless armorers are as follows:

Aquilonian: Hanar of Bossonia
Cimmerian Fur: Zavek, Werk of the lost tribe
Cimmerian Steel: Zavek, Werk of the lost tribe
Darfari: Orgus Iron-Eater, Grrr Legbiter, B’naru Heavyhands
Heavy: All apart from Njoror Battleborn
Hyena-fur: none (should be Llarn Steeltoe, but he’s bugged and only makes the exceptional version)
Hyrkanian Raider: Jehungir Horseshoe, Orgina Steeltongue
Kambujan Shaman: Shendelzare, Oisun the smith
Lemurian Royal: Fia
Lemurian Warrior: Fia
Light: All apart from Njoror Battleborn
Medium: All apart from Njoror Battleborn
Relic Hunter: Hanar of Bossonia, Arcen Brokenfingers, Zoara of the Marshes, Ghamm the worn
Reptilian: Siesse Blacktongue
Shemite: Ternis Burnbritches, Arcen Brokenfingers
Stygian Raider: Zoara of the Marshes
Stygian Soldier: Zoara of the Marshes
Vanir Fur: Njoror Battleborn
Vanir Heavy: Njoror Battleborn
Vanir Settler: Njoror Battleborn
Zamorian Thief: Enis Ironwrought, Ghamm the worn
Zingaran Freebooter: none (no idea who it should be)

For other special armor/clothes:
Black Hand: Orgus Iron-Eater, Joka Ironfist, Jehungir Horseshoe, Shendelzare, Irniz of the Furnace
Darfari Speaker Mask: Orgus Iron-Eater, Grrr Legbiter, B’naru Heavyhands
Derketo Dancer: Zoara of the Marshes
Stygian Noble: Zoara of the Marshes
Zamorian Dancer: Irniz of the Furnace, Enis Ironwrought


holy crap thanks, so flawless hyperborean is unobtainable?

Looks that way.

There are some named Hyborean armorer’s that can be obtained through the admin console but they have no special recipes and I’m fairly certain that all T4 named thralls are supposed to be able to make the flawless version of their cultural armor.

Rather than bugs, I think this is all due to the fact that Funcom never finished the game.

what the hell… im still guna get every armorer just to confirm

If you’re going to do that, you’ll need the admin panel for some of them, because they don’t spawn in game, while others can only be earned in level 2 purges or above.

This link is a post on this forum that lists all the named thralls that aren’t listed by name in the admin panel, but instead are listed by faction/profession/rank/race. These are the thralls that are meant to spawn in the various camps, with the ones who are listed by the names are obtained from purges.

what the hell man do the devs know about this?

These issues have all been reported during early access and since the go-live, with some reported multiple times.

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yep i spent hours trying to figure out how to get it

There are T4 Armorers you can get during purges?

Would this mean we have to place a wheel of pain in every area of the map?

what? your purge spawns near you, you dont know if someone else is being purged and even if you did you can just bring extra bindings if it was a far walk

it’s not clan specific? so far we had an Imp purge and a bat demon purge while being over the first marker for a week and at the second for 3 days.

Anyhow, I got me chain bindin’ an’ all, but from a practical perspective, would this mean being settled near the Unnamed City would essentially yield me less named thralls than if I were next to the black hand or Sepermeru?