Missing Hyberborean Slaver Recipes

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Flawless Hyperborean Slaver recipes missing from Hyborian armorers

edit: After admin spawning the set, epic flawless has cold resist instead of heat resist like the non epic version? As it stands, there is no epic medium or heavy STR set for hot temp.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hyperborean and Zingaran are the 2 sets that still not have legendary armorers

As far as temp insulation goes, its not a big deal. There is always one set per stat in each weight group

No armorer_4_hyperborean and no armorer_4_zingarian on admin panel, so the recipes are not missing, the thralls are missing.

Temp insulation isn’t a big deal but it’s very annoying to have to constantly eat and drink if I want a STR bonus bc I live in a hot biome. I read the Hyperboreans were the first Hyboreans on a lore page so I assumes they were supposed to have those recipes.

Also, Fia is Hyborian, but she doesn’t have Hyborian armor recipes either so it would make sense if they forgot to give her the Hyperborean recipes as well.

Grrr Legbiter is the armorer that make Flawless Hyberborean Slaver armor. He is Dafari.

She is Lemurian armorer, might be flagged incorrectly as Hyborian since there technically isnt ‘‘lemurian’’ race

There are currently 3 armorers without cultural set attached to them

Joka Ironfist
Diana Steelshaper
Than Hammerblow

He is bugged Darfari, also only admin spawned

He’s tag as Exiled faction armorer. Did you ever find a lvl 4 exiled in the game aside from purge? (and purge armorers dont craft any race armor) Me never.

I wish I would seen any at all to tell you

They dont spawn on purge diff 6, which means no crafters on official servers, no legendary repair kits, no black and white dyes

Actually Rageclaw black dye is in the game, it drops from volcano thralls, I have a stockpile of it. White dye is still purge only.

Please note my post is back from 11 of July, black dye didnt drop back then

Grrr legbiter can be found in game, he’s an exile armorer who spawns in at a camp north east of sand swept ruins up on the hill, it’s not marked but it is in the mountains right by sand swept ruins hopefully my direction helps. You can get a lot of the exile thralls here, will take some time but he does spawn

Some time? I am camping him about 2 weeks now. Not full time but a couple of hours of respawns each day. I have not had a single t4 spawn there,

I’ve had 2 named blacksmiths and a name armourer but no Grr yet. Day 8.
Edit: Day 10 finally got Grr Legbiter. Also another named armourer and smelter.

10 days of camping to get a named armorer? It’s a bit much… since it’s probably one of the most useful cold weather armors there are due Grr granting the owner +4 strength (over the exceptional version) in cold weather regions.

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I agree that its far to much time needed to camp.

I have farmed all in game armorer thralls, I play on unofficial server so I spawned in the vanir and Votaries armorer, but did spend a lot of time getting each one. I found out that the names are random with a 1-2% chance. The exile spawn point is ridiculous to farm because it also is the spawn point for other crafting thralls, which doesn’t make sense since there are spawn points for the exiles up and down the river, so get and the other armorers not spawning at the camp by the broken bridge and the dafari camp by the dregs is strange. I can say it took around a month to get all the armorers, but I was doing all named thralls as well so I had wheels set up outside everywhere they spawned in. When testing out who can spawn it took 4 days to get the cimmerian armorer to come in on sp, and only 7 on the server.

7 kills not days