Hyperborean Armorer?

Patch notes clearly state you can now craft exceptional and flawless Hyperborean Slaver armor… but from which armorer?

Grrr Legbiter.

I assume he is in the summoning place.

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I cant even find him in the admin panel in single player…

Look for darfari t4’s… just try all the ones you can see in the admin panel, i am a bit unsure which faction he belongs to… But again, darfari is what you’ll need to find

Also looking for this information. It sounds like he is going to be a purge thrall as I dont believe Dafari camps can spawn named armorers

They can. I found one in the summoning place. B’naru Heavyhands. At the time I do not recall him crafting hyperborean but maybe that changed.

According to the admin panel his faction is listed as an exile and race is dafari, so perhaps he doesnt spawn there at all.

I got B’naru and he makes Darfari skin flawless not Hyperboarean. As far as i know i got all the normal spawning armorers from the game and none of them can make it.


Grrr Legbiter, a Darfari T4 armorer can now make the Hyperborean Slaver gear

Where can you find this armorer?

I cant find Grrr Legbiter in the admin panel in single player… the “T4” dafari armorer is the heayhands dude…

Exile_Armorer_4_Darfari = Grr Legbiter

He looks like an 80s skater dude. You have the right name, but if I’m reading my data correctly he’s supposed to be collected from among the Purge. I believe I was told he’s been seen among the Desperate Exiles Purge. @Daddy might know.

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Hi, im not a 100% sure but i think @Barnes is right. but did anybody check Sepermeru City, the west side you may find a named spawn there , ive already gotten to named dancers at Sepermeru and one of them wasn’t even listed in the Admin. Not everything is listed, to make spawns happen faster, kill, then use skinning knife, or destroy corpse :slight_smile:

And also, funny thing is that this armor’s Epic version still has cold insulation and this bug has been for half year since they got reported.

Same for Reptilian armor sets, it has cold insulation, which should have hot insulation

Has anyone actually captured Grrr Legbiter on an official server? If so – where did he spawn?

Also – has anyone been able to capture a named armorer in Sepermeru on an official server?

I have recently caught Diana Steelshaper, Than Hammerblow and Arcen Broken fingers in sepermeru. All of which are useless as they don’t craft anything special.
I did get Hanar of Bossonia there yesterday twice. She makes flawless Aquilonian.

Yet to find Grrr Legbiter.

Given his name I thought he may spawn at the Den, or his faction, exiles, maybe Sinners Refuge.

No luck yet.

Edit - I’m on official pve 1950

Grrr Legbiter is currently linked to the Exile faction. And if you admin spawn him he looks so as well.

In short he either spawn in the Exile area somewhere or as a Purge spawn.

Doesn’t Arcen Broken fingers make flawless shemite? I’m still camping for her atm.

Yeah I think he does, but so do others, so I didn’t really think it special.

Which other armorer does it? Conan wiki only shows her as being able to do it.