Flawless Zingaran Freebooter Armor is now available from the correct thralls

Anybody can name them? Thanks!

Silas the weathered spawns in Sepermeru. I beleive he shares all of the three Armorer spots in the city, but so far I’ve seen him only at the northernmost spot (where the Blacksmith and Smelter also spawn next to an anvil).

The Wiki doesn’t list any Armorer thrall as a Zingaran, so it may be that Funcom has added some new ones - Silas is a new guy, apparently.


I captured two T4 armorers capable of making Flawless Zingaran on the plateau due north of Sepermeru’s prison district. Wish I could remember their name, but I don’t see them listed on the wiki’s Armorer page, so I think it’s a new NPC.

Mind you, it is NOT a guaranteed spawn, as I’ve been there three times so far, and on one of the trips it was simply a T3 armorer.


I caught another new Relic Hunter armorer while building a road from Sepermeru towards the Mounds of the Dead on the same plateau I think you mean, and because I want to collect them all I took him back to my city for a few courses in my education center. I’ll check whether he knows how to dress like a pirate once he’s graduated.

I forget his name too.


His name is Tarris Leatherbinder, and he knows how to make flawless Zingaran freebooter, too. So that makes at least two new Relic Hunter armorers with a background among the Barachans.

Yep, that’s the name, thanks!

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