Hannar of Bossonia or any Tier 4 armorer in Serpermeru

Ok so its been hours going around Serpermeru and I haven’t found any named thrall armorer in the city. I checked online and went to those specific spots but haven’t found anyone.

The only issue I’ve been having is where the NPCs will spawn a minute later or the names will show after a few seconds.

Please helps its been annoying going around the city for hours. :sob::sob::sob:

Finding a specific named thrall is a matter of luck. Sometimes you can roam the city for a hour and see nothing, then next day you visit, you run into a named in your first encounter. Works for me that way so I just don’t give it too much importance if I don’t find any for hours. You’ll find whoever you are looking for at some point. In Seperemeru things have changed and there are many more “bench” thralls than before, so I guess it will make it easier to find an armorer since they have more spawnpoints than before. Just as an example, I’ve ran across the same named blacksmith near the northeastern gate of the city twice, yes, the same guy spawned twice (both same name), twice, in that spot where there usually are three working thralls. So ended up fighting two very same named thralls, It’s just a matter of luck I think. Persevere my friend, and you’ll find your desired thrall.


Yup true that, just before I was going to give up I was able to find Zoara of the Marshes just chillin in front of me and on my way out found Bragoras the Baker lol

they did change alot of spawn points for thralls, i also think they randomized them too. for example i found silas(the freebooter armorer) at a spot near the south see. the next spawn at the same spawn point was a cook. after the cook there was a carpenter…

I have seen Hanar of Bossonia spawn after the update. I haven’t paid much attention to crafters in Sepermeru post-update, though, since my own scientific experiments have focused on combat thralls’ ability to use weapons (so most passers-by have simply been murderized, named craftsman or not).

I just gave up looking for specific named thralls. Lately i have found a bunch and hopefully one day I will find him :joy:

It’s a her.

Yeah whatever HAHA

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