[Xbox] Hanar of Bossonia?

has anyone on xbox found Hanar of Bossonia? apparently this named armorer is in Set city near Razma’s House but after days of farming I have not once found this thrall. so I just want to know if anyone has seen or found this thrall so that I know either I am wasting my time or I am just extremely unlucky and have not found this thrall.

Yeah spawns on official since the last patch there’s 2 spots to check

thanks for the reply I appreciate it… have you been lucky enough to find Hanar?

I found her on an official XBox PVP server, I am pretty sure it was in the spot next to that house for which you need the key (armorer and fighter spawn) but may have been that spot near the northern gate where the armorer, blacksmith, and smelter spawn.

nice you found her not going to lie I am a bit jealous hahahaha… thanks for the info i will update my daily grind to include the northern gate with the armorer, blacksmith, and smelter spawn since i have not really farmed that one much.

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