Where is hanar of bossonia?

So hanar of bossonia not and sep city any more since the latest update any one able to help and no were it is

Hanar is in Seperemeru, I’ve seen it twice at least in the last few days. In fact Seperemeru is a pretty good sure chance of getting named thralls lately. Makes sense if spawnpoints increased, named thrall chances increase.

To my experience he is not tied to Sepermeru and can spawn on any archer spawn point - seen one in Pirate ship camp spawn

I surmise you are thinking about Hagar or someone similar. Hanar of Bossonia is an Armorer from the Relic Hunters faction.

And yes, I saw her in Sephemaru recently as well, so she is definitely available. She is a good one to have as she can make and repair the Epic Flawless Aquilonian Medium armor (the non DLC armor) which is actually one of my favorites for desert and warm areas.

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