Spermeru. Again

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Wrong Building placements
Server type: PvE-C, well, any server type. The bug is everywhere.
Region: Does it matter? EU.

After I dont know how long, do you plan on fixing the placement of this building here anytime soon??

Trying to farm Hanar of Bossonia (which seems like a foolish idiots task to begin with on the RNG you guys have placed on these thralls, last time I went for this I spent a good 100 runs with no result, its idiotically ridiculous) and I noticed that this building still, after like what is it now, 5 patches? is still not fixed. Just pop it more to the right guys. Its that simple. People have altered the building in single player a dozen times, I dont see a reason why this is still here.

At some point you had at the very least added thralls to the left side of building and had moved them outside it to fix this issue… Reverted back to having no thralls again?

You see any thralls here? I sure dont.

And while we are in this region, what is this tanner doing on a door? Making sure its fibers are in tact?

Come on guys. Seriously. You have done good work on so many other things, can we have this region fixed at last and have it stay fixed? You revamped the city and what, reverted it back to an even older state???

Its not bad enough having to deal with your ridiculous RNG spawns for certain thralls (which also has to change) not knowing if they are spawning inside geometry is even worse. Its been almost a year with this bug and the fix is seriously a fast one.

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Hey there,

Sending note to our team about this building placement so they can fix it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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in the meantime in newbie area, in little exiles camp, you can find the brother of hanar, doing the same armor. do a google for armorer of exiles faction and their spawn points, wiki explain all, and you will find that this is the best place to find the best armorer actually.

but good work to notice the error building placement back again in spermeru !!!

Are you certain that this is still a dedicated Armorer spawn on this spot? Because that was changed 2 major patches ago. You can review where armorers can spawn in Sepemeru using Testerle’s map, who data mined the spawn points and added it to a map.

Here’s a link

Using the legend on the right, select Thralls, then Armorer. You can then view for yourself where Armoers can spawn in Sepemeru, and only 1 spawn point is dedicated strictly to Armorers. The rest are what is referred to as Artisan spawns, which can spawn almost every type of crafter for the Relic Hunter faction. This was changed in the same patch as the water Dungeon when the Sepemeru area was revamped.


Here’s the region with the map. Where you see my selection over by the water bridge is an Alchemist spawn, and to the right you should see two green arrows facing each other. Those are the two Thrall spawns shown in your first screenshot. Now if you look to the left where you believe a spawn is being blocked by a building, there isn’t one. There is no spawn point on the map to be blocked by a static building as you believe.

(Note the grass isn’t visible in my screenshot because I didn’t render it in, not worth doing for the purpose of loading it up in the dev kit to verify a Thrall spawn location)

As for Thralls seemingly out of place, that Tanner is likely just an Artisan spawn. Any number of crafters could be making that emote on that door. It’s a bit immersive breaking in some aspects (subjective), but it’s not the only one map wide that is like that.

You are welcome. I am sure with all the workload over there it was simply missed out.
Thnx :+1:

Thnx man.

Btw, are you sure about this? I would really like to find him if that is the case. I have looked at the wiki at all the armourers multiple times and I just looked at it again, I do not see anyone that can craft Aquilonian Armours other than Hanar of Bossonia. Unless I’m doing it wrong?

This is the list I was checking:

Some help will be very appreciated if youre not busy.
Man, I don’t even know how much time I have spent looking for a means to craft better Aquilonian Armour (not the DLC Aquilonian ofc, all DLC armours can be crafted by all T3 and T4 Thralls), I’m looking for the non-DLC Aquilonian armour.

No, I am not. I was thinking they might be changed, so I left the hunt for her a while after the patches with changes had dropped.
Then I checked the wiki again and saw that indeed there is an update to her position, but its simply a few more spots than what was already added before (and I also noticed that the two spawns on the left of the building were taken out).
Its practically the same locations as before plus a few more at the temple district and one that is now patrolling.

So I assumed that it was updated since it was changed. I dont know how correct it is, I can only go by what the wiki was showing.

I admit I did not check the link you sent me. Will look into it. I was not aware of this “tool”.

As for those two spawns on the left of the building, yes, there were spawns there, always have been. Look in the history of this topic in the forum and you will also see screenshots of a large campfire at a point too with the two spawns being inside the building. Then they moved the two spawns to outside the building there on the left.

It is very likely that they indeed got rid of them altogether now and there are no spawn points there any more as you checked. I could not take the chance thinking “oh, maybe they got rid of them” since they could have easily reverted back to an older version file for Sepermeru and accidentally placed them back inside the building. lol. So I decided the best thing to do was to bring it to their attention.

Did you try removing the building btw? That is very telling if they simply removed the spawns or if they reverted back to older version. Like I mentioned they had them spawning inside the building for a fair amount of patches.

Yeah probably. Its always a Tanner I think (at least it was for the 3+ runs I did… edit: nah, its more professions you are right, it was just stuck on that spawn chance for like 3 times in a row) but as you mention there are several of them on doors around the city.
lol, sometimes they look like they are trying to break in :smile:

hum i have a doubt now, i will check when at home and tell you.

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Just checked again and went in game.
According to the map link, there is a spawn point at that grass area. Iblis of Zingara has a chance of spawning there too and unless I am mistaken that is where I farmed her (could be wrong, I had done so many rounds I simply grabbed the only rare thrall i found at that point and dragged it back to my base, I only remember the name).

Also, there is another spawn point at the wooden bridge (where the axis arrows are on your screenshot) which is not in the map you linked to me at all. Unless the map is simply a little wrong, my memory give and take was off for this version, and Iblis was in fact spawned at the bridge down there? Hence the only single location? Then that could explain that the wiki map is simply slightly off, thats all.

Still, all the rest locations, based on the wiki map, are the same ones I was searching for… Man, >1% chance for the spawn is just downright silly imo. Add a server of people that can farm it too, and its just backward thinking.

These thralls should be like 5% at least. This kind of “grind your life away for one almost useless thing” is beyond me as a mentality to keep people playing. There is nothing special about the armours period, I can make flawless DLC armours anyway with any T4 armourer. Its just for looks at that point. We shouldn’t have to jump 100 and 1 hoops for such a thing.

thnx so much man, appreciated.

The tool is generated from Testerle’s sorcery magics. It pulls the spawn data coordinates and populates the map. It’s a recent addition to the wiki. The wiki Thrall entries (where it has their health values and such) are manually filled in by volunteers who help update the wiki. But that map? Hard data generated.

Yes, there isn’t a spawn there. Not my first rodeo :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but it’s been like, 6 months or more since that problem was resolved. I want to say its been a full year even.

It’s generated using hard data. It’s not somebody hunting manually adding the spawns by hopping in the game. I didn’t design the map, but Testerle is very, very good at what he does.

The map won’t say what is and what isn’t a patrolling spawn. It will indicate their starting positions but not where the Thralls can end up. So if they are walking, then it the map isn’t going to tell you anything about that. The map used is also just a 2D texture image of what the map itself actually looks like. The spawn you refer to has the correct coordinates, its the 2D map itself that can be off and isn’t exact.

Further, the sample image I provided is also accurate to what’s in the game. Testerle’s map essentially takes what is normally manual labor work of loading up the map in the UE4 engine and running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to search and locate spawns, and turns it into an auotmatic process that is convenient for people of all ages and skill levels to access. But it’s the exact same data.


Interesting. Thnx for the tips man. So I should keep in mind that the 2D map can be a little off, to do a proper 100% accurate telling of what is what I should use the coordinates. Gotcha.
Not that I am mad enough to go to that extent :stuck_out_tongue: lol. So its not here but its 10m that way, whoop dee doo :smile:

Yeah the problem I think was resolved with the melee overhauls. I am sure they probably looked into it before that as well, but the version I first got my hands on with that free weekend still had that spawn issues in Sepermeru. Upon returning weeks later and finally buying the game it was fixed (and there was overhauled melee in place too, woot), so I don’t really know if they indeed resolved it as far back as you mentioned and then accidentally reverted it back with some patch before the melee landed when I was on the free trial/weekend. Could be. With such large worlds things always slip up.

Again, thnx man. I am currently using the map indeed. It looks to be exactly what I was looking for btw, so much appreciated.

sorry bro, i gave you a false hope, no brother of hanar in the South, he’s apperently really the only one to do the aquilonian med. i hope you will find him soon in serp.

yeah i’ll do some runs from time to time since on this server now its kinda next to me now, but i wont keep my hopes up. thnx though man.

gonna start up a new single player game at some point again and not have it just for testing things. mostly so i can just go and enjoy certain aspects of the game just like i want. at which point Hanar spawning here it comes. lol. and keep the official servers to being more care-free i guess. Sucks I guess but, its the only option after a point if you want to enjoy all the elements of the game and not grind a lifetime away :smile:

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