T4 Armorer missing ...?

HI all,

i want say the spawn time for T4 armorer ?

2 week i track just 1, but i do all map more 6 h by camp volcano too, just carpenter smelter ect…
but nothing spawn armorer, just always same b’naru and fia, sepermeru nothing i clean city more 20 time and nothing spawn ?

ty if you have solution or if updated ?
tx for help invader :wink:

there is no spawn time for T4 armorers, it is all rng. The only way to increase your odds is to hunt the dedicated spawn points where only armorers can spawn, this doesn’t guarantee that you will get a t4 right away though.: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Interactive_Map

Siesse Blacktongue has only 2 dedicated spawn points in the entire volcano, she can spawn elsewhere as well though but less likely.

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Things can be sped up though by killing the craftsmen currently in the spawn point, forcing the game to repopulate it with a chance at a T4. If you dont, you’ll have to wait on the game to determine its time to refresh it, which in my experience takes awhile. When I run through sep looking for thralls, if I am really hard up, I will kill everyone and come back later and check what has respawned since that takes ~30 min.

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Just want to mention that the official respawn time is 15 min and yes, this is what i meant by hunt. kill armorer, wait for respawn, if not t4, kill again. with 1% chance to spawn, you may need a lot of kills to get one, especially if you are not the only one hunting the spot.

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New Asagarth is a good place to do it. To the left of the entrance are smiths, smelters and armorers so you can make sweeps on the area and something will pop relatively soon. While each chance is small, it should happen within a couple days of farming or less, depending how much you play.

Got Zoara of the Marshes after 1st January.

I kill Njoror Battleborn >1 ever 2 days, because I have >4 of them. I am farming New Asagarth for the Chieftain armorer…

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i have try hard new asagarth too, and always after lot of clen always is Ladagara daughter of ymir
i have army of that haha but… no T4 armorer.
i think i will stop farm armorer one or two days i wait if is better after.

ty for reply.


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@Cyber81 Wak4863 has a good video on armour’s I listened to last week on YouTube. If it turns out to be blacksmiths I apologize but pretty sure it was armors.

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I’ve never had much problems finding armorers in Sepermeru, yes it may take several rounds before one turns up, like others have said rng can sometimes be a pain :grin:
However if you are hunting a certain armorer then it can turn out to be problematic, I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for almost 4000 hours since early access and fx Grrr Legbiter can be almost impossible to find, I’ve only ever found him 2 times, first time was at a random exile camp way back and 2nd time was in an exile purge at the starting river - I think I have spent several hundred hours trying to search for him in the past year on the server I’m currently play on and I have even promised a very generous reward to players that had him or knew anyone that had him, but to no avail, he is so insanely rare :rofl:

I have seen Grrr once and a croc ate him before I could get to him. :woman_facepalming:

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Try Sinner’s Refuge, we found him there a few months ago.

Seen 3 times, 1 time another player (his thrall) killed him infront of my eyes… A lvl60 player… He forgot his thrall :smiley:

This was at this lonely spawn place. The other 2 times I managed to capture him, were at Sinners refuge.

just another question how many time if i no kill the thrall exemple a T2 armorer for respawn or change by another T3 or T4 … ?


Its random…

I got Werk of the lost tribe 2 times within my first 3 hours of farming Mounds of the dead. That was several months ago…
Since then I have seen ZERO.

And I clear Mounds of the dead quite often, because of female Berserker and/or Dalinisa

I think I have like 4 of him , one for each base to be honest. I get him at Sinner’s Refuge, might take a few tries but he will spawn there faster then anywhere else I have found. Besides a lot of other named crafters will spawn there so its a good spot to farm. I go in , if find a named take it if not I kill every thing , go out get some coal, kill some spiders up the hill a bit, kill a few hyena for their hides. Its like a afternoon out lol.

Come back and if those 3 are on door do again until I find what I want but you have to kill everyone in side I find, if you leave one alive its iffy if you get a better spawn. Also good for farming brimstone while you farm thralls. Besides like having those fancy dressed The Chosen of Asura at all my bases.

I have also gotten him in a purge - A band of starved exiles, think just last week.

I have tried there until a few months ago when someone decided to build a base on top of the cave, so most spawns there are sadly blocked now.

I am always surprised when I read post like this, does Funcom not give a crap that this happens, that people ruin spawn points, why do they even allow that, just do not get it. You should not be able to build over spawn points, you can not build in the middle of a camp so this should be the same. So much broken, so sad.


A building on top of a cave, should not stop spawning anything in the cave.

So people are not really building on spawn points and often without bad Intension.

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I spent two months of killing Stygian Armorer’s looking for Hanar of Bossonia spawn points. It definitely is a guarantee if you’re willing to kill 1,000s of NPCs for untold hours. But it’s a major grind if you aren’t lucky with such low spawn rates.

The game’s landclaim/no-build is infinite vertically, probably to avoid people from exploiting it :slight_smile: