More spawn points for Cimmerian/Nordheimer Armorers!

Cimmerian(Forgotten Tribe) and Nordheimer(Heirs of the North) Armorers have only one spawn point each. With very low T4 spawn chance it’s almoast impossible to get Named of one of those. After 6 days and ~60h of jumping between Mounds of the Dead and New Asgarth and clearing each spawn, I still havent seen T4 Armorer. It is even weirder because there are 3 Armorer’s Benches at the Mounds of the Dead and the only Armorer spawn’s at Blacksmith’s Bench… Either tune up T4 spawn chance or add more spawn points for Armorers.

Or am I missing something and those are not spawning in the game yet and I wasted whole week?

I know new asgarth has named armor thrall
I will let you know name soon as I’m home
Haven’t seen any in mounds though only t3