Who crafts flawless Cimmerian set, and other good heavy and med sets?

We have 7 different named armourers, some of them don’t craft anything then basic recipies, some craft one light or med set, but i can’t find anyone who would let to craft flawless Cimmerian or Vanir armor, for example.

Cimmerian Armorer from Mounds of the Dead does the Cimmerian Armor.

Nordheimer Armorer from New Asgarath does the Vanir Armor.

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T4? Those locations now have named armourers?

They’ve had them for a while.

They don’t always spawn, you have to camp the named like its 1999 in Everquest. When an armorer I, II, or III spawns, kill them and wait 15 minutes to see if the named pops. If not kill them again and wait another 15 minutes.

15 minute modified by NPC spawn rate.

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Hm, the thing is that i live near assgarth and get my house protected by berserks from mounds. And i never saw named armorers in any of those locations. Farmed them thousands of times for steel, took hundrends of thralls from there. What’s their name?

Those named thralls have not been at N.A. or Mounds since release, but have supposedly been added back with today’s patch.

Can anyone confirm whether or not these named thralls are back?

They are as well as being able to catch the ones down at sepermeru.

Got one at the mounds…the server crashed literally right when I tried to put him in the wheel. Love it.

Having many different t4 armorers and some still give not new recipes.
Can’t craft the Hyperborean flawless set. Tried many hyborian T4s.

I’ve been camping Njoror Battleborn (Vanir armorer) at Asagard for 2 days now since patch… No luck :confused:

And I know exactly where he spawns. It’s even the only armorer spot in Asagard. Been camping him off CD for 9 hours daily.

Hah. Good times :slight_smile:

The last time I had camps this long was for the Fungi Tunic.

You can’t camp a Battleborn, lad, go left in a circle until every Nord is dead four times over! /Gimli’s voice from Lord of The Rings movies

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