Tier 3 & Tier 4 Nordheimer Armorsmith

Hey, I’ve been trying for hours to get Tier3+ Nordheimer Armorsmith from New Asagarth spawn to craft Exceptional/Flawless Vanir Fur set but it never spawns and I haven’t seen anybody with that thrall yet. Is that just RNG or is that spawn restricted to only Tier1 and Tier2? (that would suck since it’s the only Nordheimer Armorsmith spawn in the game and Vanir Fur is the only viable Grit set)

I’ve seen the T3, but not the T4.

I have never seen the T4.

but the t4 is not armorsmith IV but a named right?

Njoror Battleborn is the named Nordheimer armorer who can make the flawless Vanir sets. He used to be known as Heirs_of_the_North_Armorer_4_Nordheimer and, until given a proper name towards the end of early access, the thrall used to sometimes spawn as a female instead.

Aldrik of the North Sea and Red Rorik are also named Nordheimer armorers, but they lack the Vanir recipes and have just a generic skill set instead. There’s a bunch of problems with the recipes for named armorers and blacksmiths, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Of course, knowing that doesn’t help with their low spawn rate.

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