Nordheimer T4 Armorer



Been looking everywhere for info on where to get a T4 Nord armorer for the exceptional/flawless Vanir gear. The most I’ve got is the name Njoror Battleborn, but not where he spawns or if he only spawns in purges or what. I even went around a bunch of servers asking if anyone had ever so much as seen him and got a grand total of 0 replies. It’s driving me crazy trying to figure out if I’m wasting my time sitting in Asagarth trying to get him to spawn. Someone please put me out of my misery.


You are wasting your time indeed, for now at least.
It will hopefully come at some point.


Can you elaborate more, please? Am I wasting it cause he just doesn’t spawn there or what? Is there just no T4 armorer available in game right now? Or is he/some other T4 Nord armorer available through some other means besides a static spawn?


i am also keen to find out if there is a named nord armourer in game… before I waste any more time constantly scouring everywhere.


List of all the nameds in the game as of a couple of days before release:


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