T4/Named Armorers - not spawning?

**Game mode: Online private
**Type of issue: Bug/Misc
Server type: PvE
**Region: US

We run a private server for about 10 friends and so far, we have yet to see a T4/Named armorer of ANY KIND appear, since the latest update.

I have teleported around MANY MANY TIMES to the different thrall areas and while I find t4 thralls of other kinds (blacksmiths, fighters, archers, alchemists, entertainers, priests, task masters…) we have yet to encounter ANY named thrall.

I’ve checked T2 & T3 areas and even the noob area to no avail.

We run no mods…

Is this a new bug or what could be happening?

I can only speak from my perspective (official pve 1004).
T4 of all kinds are spawning regularely, including armorers (last one caught by me literally 10min ago).

I guess it could be some bug, or you are just really unlucky. I don’t know if spawn (random) logic is different for dedicated servers and official ones - I guess it should not be.

Have you been persistant in killing and waiting for respawn on a good location (lets say Sepermeru)?

just your regular dose of rng. armorers have always been difficult. if you want to be sure that they are there, give yourself an admin, set the npcrespawn to something like 0.00001, go to a fixed armorer spot and start killing them. You will get a named every 20ish kills.


All named Armorers are working fine. What’s happening is RNG.

And yes, I am 1000% certain. I check the validity of spawns every patch, since July of last year.


Have one of your crew set up near Death’s Shadow Camp and Fleshtearer Falls. It’s also an excellent place to farm fragments. In 6 days on an official server I have collected 2 B’naru Heavyhands. I know he’s probably not the one you want, but considering Flawless Kambujan/Darfari, and the possibility of a T4 Bearer spawn at the same location, it’s a good place to watch.

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Thanks for the feedback. I know I have some way more than others (Dina, Sayd…) and that the spawn rate is higher for some and lower for others, but I was expecting at least ONE by now…

I know I had found two armorers on another server but that was before the patch and just wanted to know what others’ experience was.

I can share an RNG thing with you, but at best, you may feel better.

I had 21 straight creature purges at two bases. Since then I have had 7 mixed purges, and got 4 T4s from the last one (night before last, maybe two nights). Where in the hell did 21 straight come from?

The last purge contained a T4 blacksmith, finally, giving me the ability to craft the legendary repair kit. Wouldn’t you know that would happen after they became rather common drops in the Unnamed City?

Patience you must have, my young padawan :wink:



Since the patch I’ve also felt like the rates are changed. I’ve been farming the spawn point for Werk of the Lost Tribe for a week. I’ve killed hundreds of armorers spending upwards of 10hrs/day during several of those days. Nothing. All of the other named Thralls have spawned multiple times including Carpenter, Tanner, and bearer. Maybe it’s just really bad luck but it’s certainly not a rewarding feeling.

I feel your pain, Man. I’ve done the same for a T4 alchemist and taskmaster. After what you have spent in time, it must be frustrating.

RNG is funny, but the laws of probability still stand. If you have a spot where an armorer always spawns, you are more likely to get a T4 armorer than at a random spawn point.

IIRC, the odds of a T4 is around 1.1%. So, the probability of getting is 1-(the odds of not getting a T4) raised to the power of the number of tries. A hundred kills still only gives you a 67% chance of success.

Now take that same example, but spread it over all crafting professions, 7 (?), usually a bit less since some professions will never spawn in a random thrall location. The same 100 tries is now less than 15%. If alchemists and taskmasters never spawn there, it’s a bit less than 20%.

This is not meant to deter you, but to add the perspective of the feeling you get when you bag what you want. Keep at it, or find that place where only that profession spawns and someone has posted they got it.

Good luck !



Oh yeah, it’s an armorer-only spawn point. So the frustration is mounting. I didn’t know the rate was that low…

Apologies, I misread your post. I thought the other professions you mentioned were at that spawn point.

Keep at it !



I thought I might reassure you and update the Wiki. I snapped this 10 minutes ago …

It took this many bodies, 3 times, to get the spawn …

But he is there.



PS: That is one tough hut to take when you have to keep one of them alive /tiphat


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