Need a definitive official server named armorer list

Can anyone please post a link to a definitive list of all the named armorers that CURRENTLY spawn in the official servers?

I’ve been farming armorer spots since the patch dropped and have yet to notice any new named armorers…

The new named thralls come from the still broken purge. I don’t think there were any new t4 thralls that spawned in the camps, they just fixed their faces (probably part of why they disappeared for so many people).

I went through and spawned in every single named thrall after launch (there was more than i expected), but didn’t keep a list of them after putting them all on the appropriate work bench.

wrong, there are new named carpenters, , there are new smelters , armorers, cooks and dancers… that spawn in non purge location.

Most up to date thing i have seen.

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Could you be more specific? I too would like to know if there are new ones, and where they might be. The site that Dresoth brought up didn’t show anyone new.

The most notable one I would think is the Sepermaru armorers since they were stuck inside a building before the MOAP launched.

The ones under the Relic Hunter Armorers in the link Dresoth provided.

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