The T4 Armorers

It would be really cool if you could fix the Spawn of the T4 Armorers. It ist really statisfying to finally get my favorite armor, but with a missing thrall: No chance.


Id call this less of a suggestion and more of a FIX IT FUNCOM!!!

Which armorer might you be referring to? The one in New Asgarth? (Njorn Battlehorn I think)

Legbiter, Battleborn, Reptilian-Armor-Girl. All those guys seem not to work properly.

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Theres also 15 armorers that are supposed to be able to make legendary repair kits. None odd them spawn anywhere on the map, noe do they appear in purges line a lot of them are supposed to.

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Pretty sure it’s coming in a test live patch or it’s there already.

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I really hope that this will be fixed in a very near patch. One of the things I enjoy most in the endgame is hunting for the T4 armorers and their Flawless armor. And not to mention mixing bits and pieces of armor together to generate a good and unique look.


@Tascha Any idea why there’s no Zingarian T4 Armorer? Could we also get a clarification if the current spawn place for Grrr Legbiter is intentional or a mistake? It’s currently way too RNG to get him. I’ve been camping the same camp for 4+ weeks now.

Thank you for your time.

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