Njoror Battleborn and other T4 thralls

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: USA

T4 Thrall Njoror Battleborn will not spawn - confirmed broken due to coding in spawn tables. There are other T4 thralls with insanely low spawn rates.

Anyone know if Njoror is still bugged?


same issue on PVE after the last patch. lots of T4 Thralls are not spawning Purge thralls too.


Still bugged, but I’m pretty sure it’s fixed on test live.

Looks like he’s still bugged, unfortunately.

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I hope so. BTW, Multigun, thanks for your mods. You’ve put in a lot of hard work on making mods that fix the game. Unfortunately, I can’t find any servers running them in the mean time. I love the mods, but it’s just not the same game experience playing on solo.


Modders have fixed this. Why can’t you? This “bug” makes all the vanir armors basically unavailable for end game content since you can’t get that +9 grit.

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It would be nice once this bug is fixed to have all these T4 Thralls we’ve basically been wasting our time trying to spawn would spawn exclusively for like a week, so we can all go club a few on the head and drag them back to base to make up for the tons of wasted attempts trying to get these guys. The T4 Armorer and Alchemist are also Never-Spawns. Great feeling finding out you’ve wasted your time on something that can’t happen no matter how hard/often you try.

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