Njoror Battleborn bugged

Game mode: Online Official PvE
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

7 Days now…
Nobody else on the whole forum, or my contact list has seen Njoror spawn.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill Armorer in New Asagarth until Njoror Battleborn spawns.
  2. Keep this up for 7 days, from 1PM until 2AM, coming back to that spot every 14:30 minutes.
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Yeah, I think he’s bugged, too. Either that or his spawn rate is ridiculously low. It took me a long time to see Wert (Cimmerian Armorer) but at least he did spawn.

I actually got all the armorers in Shepermuru in 2 days. Werk I got in 6 hours of intensive grinding.

But Njoror? He is beyond a doubt bugged, because I got Oyvind Tall-tree sooner than seeing Njoror spawn lol.

And I swear to god, I am not exaggerating, hope devs can check the logs, I camp him (Njoror) at least 9 hours daily.

hes not in the game yet


Do your research before answering please.

And if you want to spawn him in, in Admin Mode:

hes not in the game yet, he doesnt spawn

If he wasn’t in the game, you would not be able to spawn him in admin mode. There is a difference between not in game and not spawning.

And how do you know that he is not spawning?
Just if something dont happend to you, it doesnt mean it cannot happen.
Like playing the Lottery and never win, so nobody can win it.

In quantum theory, everything has a chance to happen. But whether it happens in our lifetime, is another story.

Anything that doesn’t happen within our lifetime, but is designed to be experienced, is a bug.

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I found him just before the 500+ patch playing testlive, it shouldnt have been changed, but, I’ve farmed NAsasarth like 15 times since the patch and didnt find him.

He spawns, but as with the rest it´s like a 1% chance every 15mins at the respawn after killed.

So in short, even if you camp the place 24/7 and instant kill the generic spawn you get 1 per 33 hours.

7 days x 9 hours a day = 63 hours total. That’s how long I have been camping him, not missing a single respawn.

I’ve been through there about 30+ times and haven’t seen him yet. Way too much time looking for a thrall imo.

He does not spawn. ON my single player game I set the respawn time to 1 second and killed the place holder over 3000 times. yes I counted. He is not spawning right now. Hands down.


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