Njoror Battleborn not spawning on every server please fix it

Njoror Battleborn the armorer for the nordheimer armor does not spawn, and I’ve tried on every server, and everyone is saying the same thing. Please fix these issues, and I’ve the issues with all the named thralls in the Black Galleon. I’ve been farming the Black Galleon for any armorer, and only got one once, and it was stolen from me the next day, I don’t know if people have some kind of hack, but I’ve heard there’s been a lot of exploiting going on in a lot of servers, and its making the game very unbearable for me to have to fight clans as a solo player.

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Should post this in the bug report section, but it’s a known issue and I believe a fix to testlive is coming or its already there for Njoror Battleborn. As far as Black Galleon, there is nothing wrong with any of the spawns, named Thralls just have a tiny chance of actually spawning.

Source: Because I’ve spent dozens of hours looking at the actual spawn tables and testing the spawns.

I took this back once more.
It seems there still was a tiny hiccup with the spawn table. To clarify, he is supposed to be rare but with the adjustment that was just done he should definitely spawn now.


Is it in effect on live now, or does that need a patch to work? :o

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