Please increase Njoror Battleborn spawn rate

Dear Funcom,

Please increase the spawn rate of Njoror Battleborn to at least on par with other named Armorers.
1% spawn chance is not enough, because I have been camping him for 6 days as of writing this post, 9 hours a day, at a 15 minute interval on this spot (the only armorer spot in the whole of the highlands for Nordheimer Armorers):

I want to do something else in the game, but I can’t, because I always feel Njoror might be up when I’m not there, and some noob is going to kill him for steel. I ended up building a base next to New Asagarth because I wanted to at least be able to do something else other than farm steel between the 15 minute spawns:

The reason I can’t stop obsessing over this one is because he is the last armorer I need, out of all the armorers that can spawn in camps. Considering thralls are an extension of one’s crafting menu, this is quite important.

I managed to capture all the Shepermuru armorers in a single day of intense camping. Even Werk I could get in a single day. From New Asagarth I have:

4 x Airk Strong-in-the-arm
4 x Janos
1 x Jon the tinkerer
2 x Manos, the handful
1 x Oskar Thunderhead
1 x Oyvind Tall-tree
1 x Rikkart the Baker

Njoror on the other hand is the single most horrible camp I am making myself do since the Class Legendary Weapon Quest-line in EverQuest (which also have 1% spawn rates which usually lead to two spawns on a good month)

In an action-survival game where things decay rather quickly, and tend to get lost by bugs, this is very unreasonable.

Please take this under consideration. Thank you.


@tascha Hi Tascha :slight_smile: Do you know if the internal fix for Njoror got released with today’s (13.08.2018) patch?

It would have been mentioned in the patch notes. I will however double check with the team :slight_smile:


Alright, thank you for your time. :slight_smile:
crosses fingers hoping for the best
I don’t know how “involved” or “strings attached” such a fix (Njoror fix) has on the overall system, so I can’t just say “please include these small fixes with a huge effect into hotfixes”, cuz I donnoh if they are actually small or not, so all I can do is express my hopes that this fix gets into testing sooner rather than later ^^;;

You know - Incase it didn’t get included in this patch.

It’s a small fix. It might not even have been mentioned in the notes due to that. If anything, he has a very low spawn rate and is rare :slight_smile:

Ahh I see! Well, it’s been argued that Njoror Battleborn has a low spawn rate, but nobody on this forum combined has ever gotten Njoror to spawn on official servers, so “rare” would be an understatement xD
But since you did mention the problem was fixed internally, would it be safe to assume that his spawn chance mayhaps got put inline with other armorers, and that it’s safe to try getting him again?

Usually I wouldn’t be bothering you with getting confirmations (i’m sure you have more important things to do), but in the particular case of Njoror, it’s exceedingly time consuming to confirm whether he is fixed or not due to his rarity, thus my somewhat passionate enquiry ^_^;;

You are not bothering me :slight_smile:
I would say it’s definitely wroth trying.

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It shall rain steel tonight!
Thank you very much Tascha. You da best. high five

are…are you sure your not just saying that? ^_^;; Cuz it’s not like I didn’t farm this guy for 9 hours daily for 7 days on my vacation.

You know I am gonna farm this guy for the next 6 days straight again right? Be responsible with me :smiley:

:hotdog: :tropical_drink:
It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.


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