Please increase Njoror Battleborn spawn rate


Dear Funcom,

Please increase the spawn rate of Njoror Battleborn to at least on par with other named Armorers.
1% spawn chance is not enough, because I have been camping him for 6 days as of writing this post, 9 hours a day, at a 15 minute interval on this spot (the only armorer spot in the whole of the highlands for Nordheimer Armorers):

I want to do something else in the game, but I can’t, because I always feel Njoror might be up when I’m not there, and some noob is going to kill him for steel. I ended up building a base next to New Asagarth because I wanted to at least be able to do something else other than farm steel between the 15 minute spawns:

The reason I can’t stop obsessing over this one is because he is the last armorer I need, out of all the armorers that can spawn in camps. Considering thralls are an extension of one’s crafting menu, this is quite important.

I managed to capture all the Shepermuru armorers in a single day of intense camping. Even Werk I could get in a single day. From New Asagarth I have:

4 x Airk Strong-in-the-arm
4 x Janos
1 x Jon the tinkerer
2 x Manos, the handful
1 x Oskar Thunderhead
1 x Oyvind Tall-tree
1 x Rikkart the Baker

Njoror on the other hand is the single most horrible camp I am making myself do since the Class Legendary Weapon Quest-line in EverQuest (which also have 1% spawn rates which usually lead to two spawns on a good month)

In an action-survival game where things decay rather quickly, and tend to get lost by bugs, this is very unreasonable.

Please take this under consideration. Thank you.

Njoror Battleborn bugged