Did anyone have any luck with Njoror Battleborn on Official servers?

I been camping this guy for almost 3 days now, without luck.

There’s really only 1 spot in the entire Asagard region with a single spawn for an armorer…

I wonder if someone else had luck with him, before I write it off as bugged?

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I know the feeling, Ive been at the mounds for 3 days looking for the armorer and blacksmith. Havent seen them, and ive gotten almost 1000 zeal in altars from cycling them. i did manage to get 1 carpenter and 2 smelters though…so not a TOTAL loss.

I actually managed to get Werk, after hearing from another person that she got him.

He has an appearance rate of roughly once every day.

So I can confirm he is not bugged.

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I’ve been camping Beri for a better half of last week till I got her. I was basically playing XCOM2 and just logging into CE once in a while just to check, kill and log off…

I set windows (clock app) timer to 14 minutes. I stand on top of the roof of the house overlooking the armorer spawn spot. I don’t have to worry about aggro that way.

I then keep the spawn spot and my HP bar in view, by calling up the steam overlay, then move my mouse to the other screen, watch a movie, or read the forums, until the timer app chimes. Rinse repeat.

The trick to camping something is to camp it off CD, and stop noobs from killing the named mobs for steel.

in other words: always be there when it most matters. They are rare as it is.


Does work only spawn in the armorer spot or does he have other spawn points? I had him appear in a group that was chasing me once, got him, drug him back to the wheel, then the server crashed right before I was able to put him in the wheel.

Only one spot, and that’s next to a smelter at the smithy.

Day 4… Still no Njoror.

Sent a message to @Spynosaur_Nicole, asking her kindly to check if Njoror is bugged or not, cuz…

I have every single T4 armorer in the game on PvE official. Some of them twice!
But Njoror… is the only one I still haven’t got, and i’m camping him on CD. I kid you not.

I sit behind the computer for 9 hours straight, daily, just coming back every 14 minutes…
It feels like I’ve done over 150 spawns of Nordheimer armorers till now.
I even have a few Asagarth named carpenters and cooks lol.

i am missing him too, been camping my server for 4 days!! …

blacksmith still missing the one in mounds of the dead. there are two spots whree armorer spawns. but nothing yet.

so far in the north (mounds of the dead ) new thralls that i can confirm :

armorer werk,
the carp, t4 named
the alchemist. t4 named
smelter t4 named
(not taking into account delinsia, (the fighter)

new asargath.
and a new fighter .

(not taking into account the ward tower alchemist that spawns now in new asargath) or beri, who also spawsn there

UPDATE : there is also a new dancer inside the hut in new asargath (last name is tall tree) (rare spawn)

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This is bad news. Wanted Njoror Battleborn but no sense wasting days if he’s bugged.

Werk can’t make top tier Vanir Armor.

I would have assumed that Werk’s speciality was flawless epic Cimmerian Fur and Cimmerian Steel armor? Does he make that?

I’ve seen some named thralls at New Asagarth since Friday. I saw Beri twice and Manos twice. Still no Njoror.

he does. werk DOES NOT do vanir (nord armorS)

Day 5 - I’ve set up a base right around the corner of the new Asagarth entrance. After returning to this place every 14 minutes, for the last 5 days, I decided that I might as well live here for the next foreseeable future, until Njoror spawns.

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Day 6 -

Dear Diary,
I have decided to start writing to you, because I can feel my sanity slipping away. It is said that Diaries stave of insanity, and are good repositories of worries, so that we may focus on the tasks at hand during the day instead of brooding about it.

It has been 6 days since I’ve started camping the legendary Njoror Battleborn. My vigil starts at Noon and ends usually at 3:30 am. I check back every 14:30 minutes on the dot, and kill any normal armorer on sight, except those who are attractive and of the female sort…preferably not wearing a top.

I’ve built a base and a public maproom at the entrance of New Asagarth, considering this will be an undertaking of epic proportions timewise - I might as well make this area my domicile.

I am going to fortify this base further, and add some furnishings as time progresses, whenever I don’t feel like farming steel.

I often muse how it would feel like, if Njoror does actually spawn.
Will I be in platinum mood that I have finished my collection, and continue to help beautify the world with public infrastructure and protect and preserve bountiful public areas?

Or will I lose interest after having attained all the armorers in existence, except for the Hyperborean armorer, who is Purge only? Speaking of which, Grrr Legbiter is of the Exile Faction. I might have to build a river outpost for that endeavour.

That is all for today. This 15 minute cycle is nearly up. My long watch begins.


Now I am invested in your travails.

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Invested? Heck I’m thinking about a new web series.

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They are not bugged. Their spawn rate is just 1% or something instead of 5% or whatever the norm is.

asgarth has a really low spawn chance of named thralls, I did like 10-20 runs through it one day and haven’t found a single thrall with t4