Did anyone have any luck with Njoror Battleborn on Official servers?



FYI: if you need T4 dancer, then Varkin Fleetfoot (in jungle at Derketos pagoda) has now probably by mistake 100% spaawn rate.


Day 7

Dear Diary!

Boy do I have a story for you today.
Yesterday I decided to keep a killing-log to motivate myself not to give up.

I did some more before the logging, it was just that I started logging during purge time:

Day Time Armorer
6 17:26 Armorer I Male
17:41 Armorer II Female
17:58 Armorer II Male
18:13 Armorer II Female
18:29 Armorer II Female
18:45 Armorer II Female
19:00 Armorer I Female
19:16 Armorer I Male
19:32 Armorer I Female
19:49 Armorer I Male
20:05 Armorer II Male
20:20 Armorer II Male
20:36 Armorer II Male
20:52 Armorer I Male
21:08 Armorer II Male
Captured 21:22 Armorer III Female
21:40 Armorer I Male
21:56 Armorer I Male

I also realized that for a camp this crazy, I need to pace myself, because it is not a matter of intensity, but more a matter of sustainability. It’s a marathon, not a race.

I need to turn this into a routine. Considering I need to be online anyway to intercept purges and have the sound in focus, which means always having the game itself in focus…can’t just alt tab to somewhere else and miss a 10 minute purge warning…

However something happened today that was a game changer.

See, my illustrious neighbour

has claimed to have Njoror Battleborn. This is why I never gave up.

But how is it that no one on the forums, or even myself, having captured Oyvind Tall-tree sooner than having seen Njoror, haven’t got him yet? After 7 days of hardcore grinding?

Well. I asked a guildmate of that neighbour if he could make me some flawless Vanir armor or borrow me the thrall for an hour. Being a trusted and reputable man of integrity, he took no issue to borrowing him to me. So he proceeded to search for the crafter. Everywhere he searched… No sign of Njoror. He kept searching… then went from one base to another. Then to outpost. Doubled up on all chests.

It turns out, she never had Njoror to begin with. She was bluffing/boasting about it. It made sense, because I defend her tribes borders, and take good care of her and hers. Allies in blood and all. But when I ask this simple favor, she makes excuses and delays… as if she never had Njoror to begin with, but was trying to hide her bluff.

And so I concluded that Njoror is in fact bugged, for even something with a 1% chance of appearing, needs to appear at least once in 3 days, like Oyvind tall-tree or Hannar of Bossonia did. But non on my entire contact list, nor even those who have always lived near Asagarth, has ever seen Njoror.

I have the following from Asagarth, without even having actively cleared a round of Asagarth each cycle:

5 x Airk Strong-in-the-arm
4 x Janos
1 x Jon the tinkerer
2 x Manos, the handful
1 x Oskar Thunderhead
1 x Oyvind Tall-tree
2 x Rikkart the Baker
3 x Beri

And thus this revelation has freed me from an unhealthy obsession.

It is time to file a bug report.


Great job, lovely writing.

You make bugs fun and a real entertainment to read each part. Thankies ! :hugs:


Me too.

Thanks for your entertaining quest.

I have to ask though.
Where, by Crom, did you find Hannar of Bossonia?


Shepermuru :slight_smile:
Same spawn spot as the other 5 armorers.


Thanks. I will keep on it. I have gotten several Diana Steelshapers and a Zaora of the marshes there but yet to see Hannar.
My quest will continue.


I’m not surprised you saw that many Beri’s, there are three spawn points where Beri can spawn just in New Asagarth and 2 in the surrounding encampments on the cliffs. Same with Manos; there are at least two, I think three, spots in New Asagarth where he can spawn. There is, as far as I can tell, only one armorer in the whole town, only one spot where Njoror could spawn. Which is nuts.

And yes, I am still convinced that his spawn point is bugged, because I have farmed New Asagarth for at least three hours a day, and sometimes 8 to 10 hours a day, every day since Big Patch Day and he is the one alleged named New Asagarth thrall that I haven’t seen at all yet. I farmed that town often enough to start an Ymir shrine, level it all the way up to avatar, buy the avatar and spend it on a legendary world boss just because. Still no Njoror.

My mind reels in horror at the thought of just how many Steel Bars I’ve thrown away because I had nowhere else to put them.


Oh, and it just gets better. For the last hour and a half or so, no armorers have spawned in New Asagarth on server 1522. None at all. Spawn point bugged out, I guess.


Mind you, someone can be a real evil person and just have jailed the armorer somewhere in a room, K.O.'d thereby blocking the respawn.


You’re doing a valuable public service. I salute you! Looking forward to seeing the first pic of Njoror Battleborn on the internet.


I have spent 6 days(about 60h) farming both Asgard and Mounds for T4 Armorers. With well placed maps it’s easy to cover both camps in 14 minutes window. I have seen many T4 Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Smelters, Alchemists etc but no single one Armorer. I’m starting to loose hope…


Beri is spawning fine. I captured two of her in one trip around Asagarth general area. Yes, there were two Beris up at the same time on an official PvE server running the current patch. Have since seen her two other times but didn’t capture her.


werk does spawns… rarely but it does.

njorn , does not…


Any evidence of Njorn not spawning, like did you read that somewhere? Im camping him now too, every other thrall ive gone after, Ive found. Only one missing is Legbiter, and one alchemist for the white/black dye, and a blacksmith for legendary repair kits.


whos legbiter?


well , i can tell the whole server has been camping him , and its not spawning. that i think its a pretty strong evidence. alsi add other reports from tother servers…


Yeah thats what I figured. Ive cycled Nordheim likely close to 150 times, and nothing there. Legbiter is the exile armorer that makes Epic Flawless Hyperborean Slaver.


and where is legbiter located? is him available?


Grrr Legbiter is an exiled faction purge NPC. He only spawns during purges that attack bases built around the southern river …the " Noob River".

Also, it’s been 3 weeks. If still nobody has even seen Njoror, than his chances of spawning within our livetimes, let alone the shelf life of this game, is practically nill.


Continuing the discussion from Njoror Battleborn bugged:


Sorry for poking you, Tascha. But I have to make sure Njoror shall not escape his destiny of being put on 200K+ wheels of pain. He’s backside is on SO many people’s list.