Where are the nordheimers?

Maybe a silly question, but where can I find a T3 nordheimer Armorer.
If anyone knows a t4 location that’s would also be helpful.

Have you checked New Asgarth? There’s many, many nordheimer thralls there. The best thing you can do is run through and see what you can find, and if no luck the first time just try again after they respawn.

I have looked, but they are random. Do you know of any locations where its a guaranteed spawn, like a camp of them

I don’t know that there is a camp full of only Armorers, but New Asagarth and the surrounding camps are really the only places to get the Heirs of the North faction. In NA itself there is one spot, if you enter from the East gate it’s to the right and in the back, that is a guaranteed Armorer spawn. Can be anywhere from T1-4, they will be standing at an Armorer’s bench behind a low railing/fence. Best bet is to kill that spawn every 15 minutes until you find a T3 or higher.


Frey’s hovel has a good chance to spawn an armorer.

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I believe Freya’s place is blacksmiths only.

Whoops, your right.

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