Searching for T4 Armorer

I have every single t4 helper at least two times but i cannt find any T4 Armorer. Any tips where is a good spot is ? I always check most of the marked spots where he could spawn but i never got lucky

If you’re just looking for any T4 Armorer, probably the easiest to find is B’Naru at the Summoning Place. Barring that I would kill the Armorer in Sepermeru that is on the same level as the Set shrine until a T4 shows up.

I’ve got Fia easy enough. She spawns in the Derketo place and in 3 camps around it so you don’t have to run far.


Ok thank you guys i will check it out

Fia is, by far, the easiest T4 Armorer spawn. I built a temp base near the Derketo Pagoda and ended up with six or seven of her before i stopped bothering.

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Im just going to leave this here. :wink:


That is a very nice idea. I will recommend ur Video everyone who will have the same struggle


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