T4 armorer spawns (bnaru heavyhands)

My friend has tried to get bnaru by farming 4 different spots, dregs, summoning place, fleshtear falls and thugras stand. He has tried for over 6+ hours and no luck… I logged on this morning and have been trying for over 5 hours to try to get this son of a #*$@. I even went to the galleon a buncha times to see if ogrus spawned, which he didnt. From all the 5 hours of searching for bnaru, i have only seen ONE darfari armorer 3 and the rest have been armorer t1’s… so sad. this has to be tweaked its ridiculous.

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Hello , would just like to let you know i accidentally found Bnaru around ~1 week ago at skulker’s end. He was at the very back , next to 2 other darfari , 1-2 camps before the dungeon entrance area…

ya that was before this patch though. ive been searching for another 4+ hours for both ogrus and bnaru and no fking luck… i have though found another t3 darfari armorer lol

it’s all about luck. I caught two bnarus in a row at the summoning place. :man_shrugging:

Several hours with no luck is nothing new. Took me several days to finally catch the fellow, and then I almost killed him because I was no longer expecting to run into him…

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