Named armorer help

hey all,

I play on an offical server on xbox and have been farming to find Ghamm for about a week and have not had him spawn up.

Has any one had any luck getting him to spawn in set city?


Spent a whole day there today. I use a mod to make it easier to get T4’s. Over the course of about 6hrs (had no internet so played all day…lol) I got 1 T4 armorer…Hanar of Bossonia.
So no luck getting that one yet.


iv been farming it for like a week 2hrs a day to try and find this guy lol… its a ghost thrall!!

It’s just RNG, I seem to have really bad luck with it, even when I bump up spawn rates of T4’s to 20% (via a mod).

I think I will try for Enis Ironwrought again. My gf likes the zamorian armor and we misplaced that one. We got it from the black hand, so I think I will try there again instead. What a pain…lol


I think I’ve seen Ghamm spawn twice, and I live next door to Sepermeru. I managed to convince him to move over to my place.

There are a lot of named armorers among the Relic Hunters, with (I believe) equal chances to spawn, so getting just the one you’re looking for is gonna take some luck. I was exceedingly lucky to find Zoara of the Marshes on my first recruiting trip because I wanted flawless Stygian soldier armor for my city guard.

we have like 4 of her, we just killer her now (got extras just incase) but just cant get ghamm to spawn anywhere in set city… i spent all day from 5am to midnight just running around set city killing everything and he still didnt spawn…

im just super unlucky it seems

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I think I’ve seen Ghamm spawn once in the last month. Granted that’s not a month of consistently killing those spots but I do frequent the area. I’m assuming you’re on a public server so there’s no telling if he spawned and someone else killed him or knocked him out. It’s a grind keep at it.

Ghamm can appear on Sepermeru but even Shendelzar never appear on black hand desert ship … chances are too low

I had Ghamm spawn about a week ago in Sepermeru. He was at the anvil by the north entrance with the blacksmith and smelter.

yeah thats just it, anyone could have gotten him or killed him (minus the whole day i spent in the city… never saw another person and i was killing em as quickly as they spawned)

but yeah just gotta keep at him lol…

yeah that is one of the spots i have been farming to try and get him to spawn… his just a ■■■■■■

I’ve found that the named NPC’s come in waves which is a little odd. Normally if I find a named person it’s a good chance I’ll find the same named person there later that day. When it rains it pours. Found 6 Fia’s in 2 days at the pegoda recently. A while back I couldn’t go in the city without finding Zoara and now I can’t seem to get away from hymm hammerhands.

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When you go to Set City to get Gan, you have to hit all 3 spawn spots every time they spawn. In 7 days I pulled 11 named before Gan. 4 of those 11 i have doubles and triples of.

I have literally spent days worth of hours, (months worth of farming), with a mod that increases the chances, and I just got. Shendelzare. Unfortunately its not the armorer I want anymore…lol.

Our Enis Ironwrought disappeared on us, and we have been trying to get him back for over a week now. Basically just been doing almost full time farming. Its very hard to get the right armorer. As for blacksmiths, I have so many different ones now, and they all seem to make similar stuff…don’t even bother collecting those anymore.

Armorers are the bane of my existence in this game…lol. Just got to keep plugging away at it I guess. Wish I knew what happened to Inis, my gf seems to misplace stuff and I think we were moving him to a new base. But during our move we misplaced him…lol

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I’m pretty sure Enis is a female. That’s one I don’t have but a buddy does and always refers to Enis as her. She makes the zammorian thief same as Ghamm. Though I personally feel that Ghamm is easier to find because he spawns in a localized area where Enis is found at one of the many exile camps up and down the noon river.

Ah yea, sorry. I can never keep track of who is male/female. The names are so strange to me. I can barely pronounce them. My gf is dutch and she has no issues at all…lol. I am an aussie, so a bit of a heathen as far as names go.

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I’m on PS4 and just took the truncheon to ghamm 30 minutes ago.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Enis is one of the few armorers I’m still missing from my collection - I’ve found her twice, and accidentally killed her both times before seeing who it was. Darned Exiles and their wet tissue paper hitpoints.

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haha, when I first started playing I killed a few T4’s thinking nothing of it. Now I wonder who the hell I killed. They are so damn rare, you never get them when you need them!

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