Can't Find Named Armorer

Hello everyone,

I’m playing on isle of siptah and official server. As I know named armorers spawn at j-11 watchtower and d-9 ashen core. However I farm for like 8-9 hours still can’t find any named armorer. I only find tier 3.

What is this about? Is there an another spawn place? Where did you guys find one?

Thank you

I got mine in the new lands but it took me a while to get the one I was looking for. I was going back and forth between these 2 camps:

  • I’ve got close to 200 fragments in the process

Narelle thank you. I’ll try this

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This makes sense too. Farming camps feels like forever… I’m gonna try this too. Thank you Halk.


I have found two named armorers my shieldwright was found in the Nook at K6. (He is on my wheel right now!!!)
I also found a Scoutwright Armorer at the Watchtower in J11.
Good Luck!

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Oh yeah! I remember I see one on Nook but server crashed and when came back again he wasn’t there…

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Yes, surges are the way to go. I’ve acquired 6 Shieldwrights from doing around 10 North East and one recently from 3 South(great source of Grey Lotus and Dragonpowder btw). I’ve only found two as random spawns in the south biomes over a few months.

You’ll need a Temperwright Armorer if you want to make Legendary Repair kits, but I’ve only come across one my whole playthrough which was Epis the Armorer: Cultist_of_Dagon_Surge_Armorer_4
So I imagine he dropped in an East surge(Lemurians)

Scoutwrights seem to come from all over the place.

If you’re solo like me and want the easiest/most efficient way to do surges painlessly, hit me up.

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Searching camps is kinda waste of time. Thanks to all who reply this topic, I found out Surge is the best way.

Thank you all!

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Update: just got Armorer Estra, a Temperwright from a South surge.

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