Tempersmith and Temperwright

So it’s been a long absence from Siptah for me, and I have a couple of questions regarding these two crafters. Could anyone remind me which surge areas have a chance to spawn these two? Or confirm any spawn locations for the static camps on the isle? I have the other two types of T4 armorer and haven’t seen a T4 smith yet.

I’ve tried searching for this info to no avail.

Same here. I think you won’t find them on the map (or maybe very difficult…I didn’t manage).
I have a chest full of ??? and would also like to know if any of the surges will have better chances to drop armorers

I can tell you where I got mine from (of course, you will need to kill them over and over again until you get what you need but they exist):

T4 armorer (2 spots):

T4 blacksmith (3 spots):

^^ this one is also good for damage carpenters.

I can confirm that the above spots spawn all 3 types of T4 armorers and T4 blacksmiths but it took me about 200 kills of each camp (on 2 servers) to get a full set of T4 armorers/blacksmiths. I was after a bladesmith and shieldwright but got the rest while trying to get what I was looking for.

The bigger camps have also random thralls so you may get lucky there as well.

Happy hunting!


Oh and one more for Blacksmith (Bladesmith or Tempersmith, no Edgesmith). This one is also good for alchemist and berserkers:


I would recommend hunting in the new lands because you get fragments + statues in the process as well.


Alright thanks for the info! Did you give that info to the guy who runs the siptah resource map?

Im hoping to get thralls through the surge, but before that Im looking for more info (which altar, etc…). Its hard to find any info thats not from last year :frowning:

Do central altar Halk.

Gonn of the Wild Hide its the armorer name.

Trank the Metalwright is the blacksmith name.


Yes, I did post some of my thrall research in their discord. I would assume it may take a bit to get it updated.

EDIT: To answer the surge question, unless I am reading this wrong (possible), the Aquilonia (EDIT: and Cultists of Dagon - this one actually has a lower change to spawn armorers/blacksmiths that the Aquilonia so I would go with Aquilonia) surges seem to be good for armorers.

Gonn of the Wild Hide spawns in the Children of Jhebbal which, however, seems worse %-wise than the Aquilonia:

For blacksmiths: Aquilonia and Yoggites

I personally have this Tempersmith from a Yoggites surge:
Iron-Eater Gnaar - Yoggites_Blacksmith_4

credits to u/theAeriix on Reddit

Ultimately, it is all RNG :sweat_smile:


Wow that’s great. Thanks @Narelle

Do you know if the calamity surge give any thralls since the update?

I am sorry, I don’t know but my guess is no thralls. @AlrenStorm do you happen to know?

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don’t do lower then 1000 chaos surges. waste of time

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I do not know either, sorry.

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For me, the armorers was the hardest to get. Still some luck needed of course.

Great info, thank you!

I acquired all 3 of my T4 Shieldwright Armorers (Polenis of Aquilonia) running NE surges. (Pre 2.3)
Doing Central surges gave me mostly Alchemists.

Then just the other day I found another Shieldwright (Werk the Accursed) here:

The hardest T4s for me to find were Tanners. To this day i only have one (and just recently.)

Yup, good taners aren’t easy to get nor, that’s a fact. :sweat_smile:
Like said above, i had most troubles for the armorers, but maybe simply lot bad luck with them. Finally i got what i needed, but would clearly pick-up one or two more. Will take a look again there, it’s a great cost in many ways, so still good to make a run.

@dmw33 You’ve got your armorer from a random spot which is possible since they can spawn pretty much anything including a cimmerian berskerker but the rng is even bigger since there are many spawns in the pool.

2 fixed spot for tanners T1-T4 are:

^^ this is where I got 2 while trying to get the blacksmith I was hunting for

I liked the 2nd spot because it has a large variety of useful thralls (fixed spots) + statues + khari steel.


Thank you, appreciated.

Awesome tip!
I have got both shieldwright and scoutwright from a 1000 chaos aquilonian surge yesterday.
Still missing a tempersmith and temperwright but that was a really good start :slight_smile:

Is there any ways you can explain where the tables with spawn rates are visible? I have never dug into the devkit but if you can explain in a few lines where to start, I can probably find the rest by myself.

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For Siptah specifically, afaik, you can’t really see how each camp (map location) is set up because the map is DLC (unavailable). However, the T4 surges have unique names for their NPCs so I went by assuming that since they are only used to spawn in T4 surges (no other map locations), then they would follow the values set in the WeightedSpawnTableRow.

EDIT: there are quite a few useful guides in the modding discord pinned under the #tips-tricks-and-tutorials channel for those looking for more information how exactly everything is set up.


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