No T4 Armorers on Siptah

We have been trying for several weeks now to find a T4 armorer on Siptah and it does now seem impossible. We have farmed the two possible spawn sites listed on the wiki over 200 times each and haven’t seen a single T4. We’ve spawned all the different surges at T4 level at least twice each and haven’t seen an armorer there either.
Is there something we’re missing, or are the armorers just not currently spawning on Siptah?

Got a T4 armorer from a Purge this past week. Instead of surging, maybe try some purging with the convergence trap? We’ve gotten some pretty good T4 crafters, fighters and archers from the latest purges in general. You’re not guaranteed a human purge, but you still get about 2.5 purges to one surge, chaos cost-wise. And you don’t go through all the Eldarium using the electric shock traps. Worth trying, in my opinion.

We also got a T4 armorer from a Northern surge summoning.

I have full set of armorers + some extras on the 2 servers I play. All of them, I got by farming specific camps in the new lands. I have provided my go to spots + some additional information here:


There is no way to convert the essences though or? So you will have to farm/loot the unstable ??? or was the trap changed to use chaos instead?

My mistake, I meant Unstable stuff. The convergence trap requires 200 Unstable (two rows), which equals four hundred chaos, when converted. Which is just under half the chaos needed for a surge of T4 level, and so on.

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