T4 Blacksmith spawns

My friends and I have been farming Siptah for T4 blacksmiths for weeks, including surges, without a single spawn. Is this RNG or is something up?


On Siptah, Baywatch Camp, Stygian faction, is the best place to farm named crafters.

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Been doing Baywatch, The Throne and ruins, all the camps along the light isle with one star bosses, Siphio’s, the Spit and all of the accursed camps along the dark isle and the leishrine camps. Not one named blacksmith anywhere. We have taskmasters, and a dancer or two from that farming. We have dancers, smelters, a few alchemists and tons of armorers from surges. No blacksmiths.

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Yesterday got a named female armor next to where you learn Sorcery. I THINK we accidentally killed a blacksmith there once. Had to go back 3 times to find her.


If you’re playing online, you could always ask for a blacksmith in global chat.

Same here. T4 Blacksmiths are extinct on Siptah. RIP.

There is still two days to rng a named blacksmith from Khitai merchants.

Blacksmiths aren’t part of the query for headhunting.

Riverwatch is the easiest to farm as they are all brittle. There is a spot where a blacksmith and armorer are side by side and if you are real lucky, you can get both to spawn…else clean the spot and try again in 10 minutes or so


This one spent literally a year looking for a tier4 Smith on Siptah.
Even Surges failed.

But once the first one appeared, they’ve been there with regularity.

This one’s best luck was running down the accursed camps on the Western side of Isle of Dawn.

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Best option are surges whit 1000 souls on siptha

Blacksmiths and cooks are not included in the worker thralls from the caravans…


1001 souls…

Ive you put more the 1000 souls in it will happening that the biggest surge starts ther will then nearly no t4 thralls in at 1000 the highest amount of t4 can be found like on the north the asier

Over 1k means u have a chanche to get a calamity surge. Most probably u will get just a normal t4… Not a calamity one

True but when you get the calamity surge you not get t4 thralls

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