Short Guide: Which Altar to use for which Tier 4 Thrall b4 2.2 patch

We weathered 2020. In celebration, I (and the devkit) give to you what we all wanted to know: which Altars give which named thralls!

The Center Gives: Alchemists, and Tanners
The East: Tanners, Taskmasters, and Blacksmiths
The North: Cooks, and Smelters
The North-East: Carpenters, Smelters, and Armorers
The South: Alchemists, Cooks, and Blacksmiths
The West: Carpenters, and Taskmasters

It’d be handy to know which kind of each thrall (edgesmith, bladesmith or tempersmith for example) drop where exactly, but hey, this is a start!


I assume that’s for the surges on Isle of Siptah?

Great find - never realized that there’s a pattern to that.

I’ve been wondering about this myself. I haven’t tested extensively, but my experience farming surges does line up with what you’ve said.

From the South I have gotten 5 blacksmiths (4 edgesmiths, 1 tempersmith), 2 cooks, 1 alchemist. From the North I got a Smelter. from the West I got 3 Carpenters (all bowmakers). Also the only people I know who have gotten t4 armorers all got them from the North-East as well.

I’ve mostly been farming South surges due to the nice dragonpowder drop rates, but I guess I better spread out and start farming some others. I would really like an armorer, so I guess I know which surge I’ll be farming from now on. I’m coming for you North-East!

Thanks for this!

Pre-recent patch North gave me a Smelter, Cook and T4 Ymir Priest.

I just ran a West altar (solo, which i gotta add is exhausting) and got 3 Blacksmiths, one of each kind as well as a Fletcher Carpenter.

After that ran a North East but didn’t get any Armorers??, Smelters or Carpenters, just a Mitra T4 Priest and Cook :frowning:

After months I’m really hoping to get a T4 Armourer too because after over 100 vault runs and completing most things in the game, haven’t found Grandmaster Armourer recipe yet :(( I understand it shouldn’t be easy, but this RNG grind has made it too unpleasant.

I just got a T4 Shieldwright Armourer from NE as well(thank heavens!) There were also 3 T4 Mitra Priests a dancer and 2 Packbearers.

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